Do you repeat the same things you are grateful for every day?

Ciara T.
Often times I have similar things I'm grateful for, such as my bed, my friends and family, but most times I will have a few other things unique to that day. It depends on what I do that day and who I interact with.
Beth P.
Occasionally, every day is different so I try to pick something relevant to that day, e.g.. I spent the weekend with my granddaughter so I make sure our time together is spent "in the moment", trying not to take it for granted. So on Saturday i was grateful for the special time we had shared together.
Holly W.
Some days, usually when I have had a bad day and have to really think about what good came of it I find myself repeating the things I am grateful for
Andreas P.
Sometimes, yes. There are my family and friends that I will always bw grateful for. But I also find new things to be grateful for everyday. Things that made me smile or feel happy. Things that help me find the silver linings. Even little things like plants in my garden flowering and doing well. There is always a tresure trove of new things to be thankful for if we take the time to look closely.
Sheila C.
Sometimes I do, but in that instance I explain why so I am bringing awareness into how I can be grateful for the same things but in different ways… Hope that makes sense!
Jane Q.
I am gonna have to be honest I only they it half of the time I would like to so it all the time but I'm human i dont always remember everything that I'm supposed to do
Stefanie N.
I try to mix it up. A lot of times I say what I’m grateful for around things/people that can stress me out or be more challenging- like my son. I love him but he is also very very challenging – so stopping to be grateful about him is important and healing.
Louis O.
Not exactly the same things. Sometimes it depends what went on during the day and what I reflected on. But also many times I repeat some of the basic things like good health
Cl O Z.
Not everyday, I am grateful for different things according to what I live or feel that specific day, of course some of them are repeated but not every day.