Do you see a difference in your mood before you follow through with the gratitude exercise verses after? Why do you think that is?

Youssef S.
Gratitude makes perceive the universe from another angle.
for example, a method that I usually use, is instead of asking myself "why is this happening to me" I ask myself "why is this happening for me" and it's like anything that happens whether it's good or bad you can always come up with a bright side if your brave enough.
Cristina F.
Honestly I was surprised by how drastically it changed my mood (for the better). One of the cues I have heard since joining is: Breathe in deeply, close your eyes and think of 3 things from your day (they can be small) that made you happy. As soon as I picked my three things (a delicious smoothie for breakfast, morning yoga & a cedar box planter to grow some plants) I felt happy &grounded, and I felt my attitude change.
Najee O.
Yes , it changes the minds focus and not only that it can also help change the body temparture and loosen muscles when you do this
Gernot O.
Sí, agradecer me ayuda a enfocarme en las cosas positivas de mi vida y así hace que las cosas negativas parezcan más chiquitas o tal vez del tamaño que son.
Nicole C.
Absolutely!! I had been using this app and it’s tools for the last week and Saturday I had a busy day and an off day and I didn’t touch the app and I could totally tell the difference in my mindset.
Andrew N.
It seldom makes a huge significant difference, however the thought and realization of being grateful makes you look at situations from a different perspective and at the end makes you realize the situation could be a lot worse more often than not.
Snigdha C.
It just started with changing the way you think. Before I used to blame myself for everything and always used to look towards the darker side where I have failed and compare myself with others. But through gratitude session I have decide to change my thought towards a situation and it made me more happy and powerful. Then I understood your thoughts are very powerful which can change the way you are and have a immense affect on your environment. I have been feeling much lighter about the bad incidents of my past and I am able to forgive my self and others and gratitude gives me a chance to start over again and start looking at the good side of others rather than the bad side.
Tara Z.
Yes, after having completed the exercises I feel more accomplished. Glad that I got up. Glad I got dressed. Glad I stretched. Glad I ran. Beforehand I’m anxious, hoping I fall through with the commitment. Hoping I push myself to start being that’s something I’ve been struggling with, starting. I’m hoping I can get to a point where it’s second nature. If it doesn’t challenge me it won’t change me.
Alya O.
Just started noticing that I feel my self a bit more positive… may be in next 1-2 weeks I will recognize it definitely, but for now I cannot say that there are substantial changes…
Bebiano N.
Not yet consciously, but unconsciously I know that gratitude brings a higher frequency, which helps living in the current world we are living in.
Rachele G.
I did this gratitude exercise for the first time last night and I saw a little difference in my mood like I was more relaxed and happy. But I saw the most difference during the exercise than after, I was very gratefull while I did the exercise.
Franklin P.
มันทำให้ได้ระลึกนึกถึงสิ่งดีๆ ไม่ใช่ไปพอยท์ตรงสวนที่มีปัญหา แล้วโดยรวมชีวิตก็มีความสุขขึ้น แต่แค่นิดเดียวนะเพราะมันพึ่งแค่ 3 วัน โดยรวมคิดว่าวิธีนี้น่าจะเวิร์ค
Ryan C.
I think there is plenty of neuroscience that could come in handy here, but really it would be a chainsaw to snip a leaf off a tree. Personally, I feel better because I know I’m making others feel better.