What is a small but very valuable thing you have and you are grateful for?

Rabia N.
That I’m actually take small steps towards my self improvement daily. And the results are evident as progress continues. But I wouldn’t have initiated it if it weren’t for certain loved ones who inspired me to do better and develop will power and commitment towards these everyday goals so I am very grateful for those people and for the progress I have made
Stjepan T.
I am grateful for something that is so small it could be confused as dust or dirt. But the impact and importance of it is unfathomable. The love of my life decided that she wasn't ment to be on this earth any longer. Eventhough I understand the feeling she selfishly took her own life. So I now have a tiny urn that holds a tiny bit of her tiny body but is supposed to fill this huge hole in my heart. As I am grateful for those ashes I am even more grateful that she is at peace with her self and the universe.