Have you become more aware of the thoughts you allow into your mind throughout the day since starting the gratitude/what went well today routine?

Susan Y.
Yes. I believe like all bodily processes, thoughts are just the work of your mind and not all hold importance or even relevance. It’s our duty to choose what thoughts to focus on. Positive thoughts, easy going ones make life easy.
Carl C.
Yes I’ve become more aware of the thoughts I allow into my mind. Good and bad thoughts come but I acknowledge them and study them and carry on with my day as you can’t control your thoughts only the way you react to them. I practice gratitude towards my thoughts because they make me happy as you can’t have hate and fear In Your heart when your happy and grateful.
Naomia N.
I have become more aware of the thoughts I allow in my mind.

I honestly have reduced the about of time I spend on social media because I have become highly sensitive to its content.

Today, my routine has been slightly delayed. Yet, the usage of this app has assisted in overcoming limited beliefs and holds me accountable to my will to evolve.

Aubin Y.
Yes, I have reaffirmed the belief that all things and thoughts are energy. Everything we put out creatively, verbally, spiritually, even physically are all precious and diverse manifestations within the now state. Its amazing to acknowledge and witness snd allow yourself to become one with. Neither controlling nor chaotic. The presence of everything now is all I am grateful for and naturally sharing those gifts with others unconditionally as it always keeps the inner self nourished.