Does anyone else find gratefulness in being able to learn from others mistakes that you probably yourself would’ve made? Not that you’re glad the other person went through something difficult, but that you yourself didn’t have to learn the hard way for once in something?

Jacob U.
Yeah absolutely. I also try and let others learn from my mistakes. If I see them trying to make the same changes in their life I’ll let them know what I struggled with when doing so previously
Sammy T.
Definitely I think its great to be thankful for not being in others shoes as long as there is an element of empty involved.
Julie I.
Yes, absolutely!!
My husband says he doesn't learn like that… that he has to make mistakes for himself! Ugh… what a frustrating thing for me!!! Lol!

I can look at the other person's situation… reason through it… tweak/ apply it to my situation… and see if there's anything helpful to learn from the other person's mistakes!

Much better than suffering through all my own mistakes I think! (Of course, there will always be some of that!)

Best of luck! 😉

Dominika B.
Absolutely! It's a great feeling when you realize that you've noticed that mistake of another person instead of missing it and making it yourself!