How many things is your minimum number to be grateful for each day?

I wake up thanking the Powers that be for getting me Safely thru the night . /Focus on what I am GRATEFULLY capable of doing for myself/and fortitude to pay it forward….Everything after is icing on the cake…..👣

Edwidge Fairweather
I don't count, I just write until I can't think of anything else. There are always many things to be thankful for, even on a bad day. Just going for a walk or looking from your window… today for example, I saw a very big "v" of geese coming back home (Canada) it was beautiful…plus a reminder that spring is coming soon…winter is not everlasting. This to shall pass…

Izzy Sealey
Just one thing to be truly grateful for is the perfect place to start! If more gratitude comes later then that is great too.

Sandra Dupuis
I started with 3 things for some time. Then went up to 5. Now it's easy that I fine at least 6 or 7 things I am grateful for each day.

Victoria Lafrange
3 things. I am sure you can find 3 things to be grateful for.
If not here are the basics :
You are alive, you have a place to stay ,and you have a phone