Does anyone find that when you are being grateful for something intentionally (in an exercise like this) you feel it but when you’re out doing life it’s a lot easier to forget?

Mathilde W.
I try to be grateful for the things I otherwise take for granted so this is very true in my case but I don’t think it matters.

Being grateful is really about recognising what you have and how it could be worse which helps gain perspective when things are tough.

Least for me anyway.

Savannah U.
That is why a gratitude practice is so important. We have to train our brains to be grateful. It doesn’t just happen overnight. Keep up with your formal gratitude practice and you’ll see that you will become more grateful in your regular life.
Sheila C.
I think the whole point of this type of exercise is to bring your awareness to this exact point you are questioning. With time each action, each moment of gratitude will become internalised and you will find yourself actioning gratitude / positivity more subconsciously the more you keep to your routine. I hope this helps to answer your question.