Do you notice a difference when you are grateful of a person, and you speak it out loud to them? eg thank you for doing this with me, or thank you for being a friend

Megan P.
Yes! Wow I used to be so grumpy with my partner. Since practicing gratitude and writing down 3 reasons I love him I notice my attitude being so different. I appreciate him more!
Lucas C.
Yes definitely. I personally believe that what you put in, you will get out. So what you give, you will receive. If you continually give gratitude, that person will be grateful for you as well and your friendship or relationship will be so much stronger, because you both will realise what a great difference you make in each other's lives
Christa N.
Of course. We all need some assurance, recognition and like to be seen and heard. Speaking it out assures the other person and makes them come out more. A more deeper connection can be formed. Just make sure to be sincere.
Coline Y.
Yes, it seems to be more realistic than if only thought it and keep it in my mind. It's quite more true, and it makes you feel fulfilled by your own life.
Lesi N.
Yes I notice a difference when I speak it out loud because I am specifically saying what I am thankful for and the person I Am saying it to knows exactly why I am saying thank you.
Lisa T.
Yes I notice a difference when I speak my gratitude out loud to an individual. The person relaxes, puts down defenses and leans in rather than leans away. It makes our interaction much more enjoyable.
Marius G.
I always do. I find that taking the time to offer heartfelt gratitude to someone leaves me with residual hope for the world, and more energy than beforehand. I often try to say more than just thank you, I try to explain why I appreciate my friend. It makes them feel good, me feel good, *and* they know a little more of what I enjoy, so they can choose to do something similar again if they feel like demonstrating their appreciation of me in the future.
Maria Z.
Yes, I notoce the difference any gratitude affirmation said out loud males you feel better and happier and more relaxed.
Stella U.
Yes I notice a big difference. In fact just today I told a good friend how grateful I was for them being my friend and that I don't take their friendship for granted at all because I know what it's like to be baron and empty of friendships and telling them out loud made them feel appreciated and not taken for granted. I love my friend dearly and hope it made them feel good. I feel its something we all should practice and say.
Andrea U.
ur welcome for doing this with u and u know i have honestly never verbally told someone how grateful i am for them and that is something i definitely need to work on. at the moment that is just not the kind of person i am, but if u feel comfortable doing that and telling them how grateful u are for them then do it u will get great results and feel so much better
Elena T.
It’s always better to say something out loud instead of keeping it for yourself.. if you feel grateful of having someone you have to say it to that person, it’s always a good choice!
Swapnil Q.
A great question. Although I haven't done it often but I have definitely seen a difference whenever I have done it. The other person immediately becomes happy when you tell it to them. And your bond with them becomes stronger and better.