How do I stay grateful when I’m sad

Olena U.
To be thankful that things not even worse than now.
Or.. Just look at your room, and be grateful for all this things what you have. Not all people on the Earth can effort all of this, but you are.
To be thankful for wherever makes you sad, like for something what making you better and stronger. Is it option?
Callum B.
Oh mai this actually has been very challenging to me as well however pep talk helps me alot much as am sad or mad at anything I tell myself it's not worth my happiness and that this too will pass and yeah am good to go.
Emile Z.
Sigh, I wish I couldn't relate but yes, it's extremely hard to stay grateful when sad. Personally, I go back to the simple things, like the toilet paper that I use to wipe my tears, the blankets I hide and curl up in, and the clothes that give me comfort. I try to start from there, the little things that help me while I'm sad. Gradually it gets a little easier to find things to be grateful for. You can do it and I wish you all the best 🙏♥️
Mille P.
Not an easy question to answer because with some sadness you must feel it to move on but you also don’t want get pulled into the sadness cycle and get stuck. In the book “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed, she remembers her mother told her to “ Put yourself in the way of Beauty”
– look at pictures of people you love
– funny cat or dog videos
– go outside to look at flowers or the moon
– do something nice for just you
– ask someone for a hug
And lastly, sometimes simply practicing a Smile meditation will help- and yes, all you do is smile 🙂
Waldin Lia E.
Look your self in the mirror each day and tell yourself I'm beautiful/handsome, I'm abundance, Im loved, I'm encouraged, I'm me because I love me, I love the unapologetic person I am. I'm still human and I love me all every bit of me. I'm willingly and able to give myself self-love