How do you keep practicing gratitude even when you are demotivated?

Amber N.
One thing I find that helps me is two split practicing gratitude up into two times during the day rather than one reflection at night. I find doing it once at night I’m often unmotivated or frustrated or in a negative state because of something that may have happened earlier that day and is blocking my thoughts making me feel no or little gratitude. I like to stop for a minute or two in the afternoon and think of something thus far in the day I’m grateful for or that made me smile a little that day. It’s often small, like today I was grateful for sunlight in the afternoon. Then later at night when I try to find gratitude again I feel a bit more motivated since I remember “hey I found something I was grateful earlier today. It’s not so bad. I can find another thing to be grateful for since then”. It’s a challenge but smaller steps are greater to accomplish than larger ones.
Hannah N.
I have a notebook beside my bed and it’s the last thing I do before I go to sleep. I also like to just write down good things that happened during the day instead of calling it “what am I grateful for”. It’s subtle, but my brain is way less resistant to just making a note of good things that happened. More often than not, it’s the same things I would write if I was writing a gratitude list.
Giota N.
I start with the basics like my health, my friends, my house and my job. Besides those are the most important in a man's life. If the is nothing else that day I say to myself that some quite time isn't that bad and something good will come tomorrow
Taylor Z.
When I am not feeling like doing homework I think “wow I’m so lucky to have the education I have” and you can say the same for yourself in terms of your job. You can be grateful for the internet that gives you access to workouts, yoga, lifestyle tips, etc. at the press of a button. I could go on haha, but it really is the small things in life that add up
Tierra O.
I try to find just a small source of motivation again, which for me is usually just the fact that a regular gratitude practice literally rewires your brain and helps you become more optimistic overall, less stressed, and happier. So if I can’t make myself actually journal (which is hands down the best way to practice gratitude/reflection) then I at least make myself think of three things I’m grateful for that day. Just remember to take a step each day!
Lacey F.
i just take 5 minutes out of my day to think of one thing i’m grateful for or just to sit and appreciate silence and take in every moment.
Cheryl T.
There is always something to be grateful for. Even when you are demoralized. Especially at times like that. Finding a small thing to be grateful for can change your feelings. It can elevate your vibration. I believe we are all made up of energy and that energy inside of us vibrates all the time. That vibration attracts things or repels things to us or away from us. Our feelings have a major effect on our energy vibration. Thinking about even a small thing you are grateful for can increase your vibrational energy.Remember this saying that I always write in my journal
“Vibrate higher energy and become a magnet to miracles”. It works, trust me❤️
Vany J.
Yes .. it totally changes your perspective on things and you focus on the good .. and develop good energy instead of bad
Evelyn Z.
I am always grateful and I remind myself of that throughout the day. I am even grateful for „challenges“ because they are there for me to grow and learn.
Sahar X.
There is always something to be grateful for. Demotivation is a temporary feeling that will pass when you continue being grateful and positive.
Sherri P.
By developing a regular practice at a generally same time. And switch perspective from complaints to praise, even take short notes theu the day.
E Z.
It depends what you are demotivated about, and in what way this influences you. Gratitude is actually a great motivator, and if you just can't be bothered to sit down and write, just think about it.

If you can't find something to get excited and grateful about, that's also ok. Try thinking of something or someone surrounding you, and how it would feel not to have it.
(This will either make you grateful for its/their presence, or grateful for their absence -and alert you to bring more or less of that in your life, a win win really-).

I hope this helps,

Paloma Z.
Even when we feel no motivation we have more than one reason to be grateful for. Starting by being grateful for simply being here, having another new day as an opportunity to improve ourselves in whatever way even if some days our steps are less than others. That’s completely ok. Just by “being”, you’re already showing up every single day.
Katy Y.
How can you not? There's always something to be grateful for. Food in the fridge, shoes so you can go for a walk, someone to talk to..
Lesi N.
When I am demotivated to practice gratitude I stop what I am doing and take a deep breath. I learned a gratitude mediation, it guides how to be thankful for my eyes to see, my hands to touch, my liver for functioning and my heart for pumping! My mouth to talk and Taste and remind myself that I am ok! I am blessed!
Natalie P.
I like to go back to some of the things I'd written down and see what I've been grateful for before. It sometimes help jumpstart my gratitude practice. I also try to remember that the small bits of gratitude (eg "I'm grateful I was able to get out of bed this morning. ") are just as important as the big things.
Marielisa N.
I focus on just what's good. I think about two areas: myself and "life". Maybe it's something I did different that felt good, maybe it's someone's presence that makes me feel safe, or challenged, or joyful. Maybe it's just that I'm able to type a list, or take time to think about my self. Anything. I start with one, and every single time a bunch of other good things come along.
Louella G.
If you are feeling demotivated, then you know it is time to return to a state of gratitude. Not feeling motivated, to me, comes along with with the feeling of "so what?", "what's the point?", "why try anything?". However, this all comes from a place where you feel no gratitude for what you have. You don't even realize the treasure you posses. You woke up today. Right now, you have the chance, to read this. You have the chance to breathe again, to go somewhere, to talk to someone, to do something that you love. But in moments where we don't feel like it's worth it, it is because we aren't appreciating what we have, and are focusing on what we don't have. This just further fuels our feelings of lack, and a result, we perceive a life full of things that lack from it. It is not until we remember what it is like to be truly thankful for anything, that we can return to feeling like there is nothing missing from the moment we are in, and as we focus on that feeling, we begin to see the reasons and opportunities we have to keep feeling grateful.