Do you actually use the meditation exercises? Do they actually help you over a course of time?

Emirchelo Y.
Yes, it does help you a lot to feel more calm, sometimes you feel stressed or frustrated or with a lot of anxiety and once you put yourself in a state of pure calm and serenity, through meditation, you let your mind feel more peaceful and the answers of all your problems will come much easier
Asami S.
Yes, it did make me relax. Although i dont i get to the accension thing but i did feel good. I prefer shorter ones, because ill just accidentally fall asleep on the long ones.
Baptiste U.
I love meditating ! It's part of my morning ritual, I do it everyday. It's a super healthy habit. It helps me to get calm and peaceful. You'll see benefits after only a few days. If you're new to the practice you can start with very short meditations like 5 minutes long. I advise you to do guided meditations, for example on Insight Timer, an app on Play store that you may already know. Have a great day ! 😀