Have You ever lost something You weren’t grateful for?

Divya Z.
Yes, old clutter of items whose purpose was nothing in my life anymore. I lost the box of items while moving and I don't regret it.
Alyssia Q.
Yes. I always took for granted walking. When I crashed my motorcycle I injured my foot. To correct it I could not walk for 7 weeks. Basic self care and hygiene was a significant battle. It’s been several months after I have recovered completely and I find myself falling back into the same pattern of taking walking for granted.
Angelika Z.
Yes, a few wonderful friendships. I did not take the time to be grateful for these wonderful and enriching friendships and ultimately lost them. It is difficult to recover those types of relationships, especially when you failed to contribute something to the friendship previously.
Aya R.
Friends that have made me feel bad with myself, self criticism, sadness, anxieties, a dorm, an apartment, clothes, drafts, lie- self awareness.
Diana G.
I think I love someone I loved dearly because I wasn’t grateful. I took everything for granted and didn’t care about who or what I hurt. In the end I hurt myself more than anybody because I felt alone
Magdalena X.
I was not greateful for this at that time, today I maybe would be. The perspective changes. But there are things I am not greateful for and some another people for example would not agree. It happens when it clashes with my values.
Michael P.
Yes I have lots things that I only realized the weight of them after they were already gone. When I had them I was not grateful, they seemed like a right not a gift and then they were swiftly taken away. The loss of something helps to show you what you had even when you never realized it. Nothing in this life is promised nothing is a given. Each breath, day and smile is a gift to be cherished.
Noara S.
I guss i list those things i wasnt awere of there value for me . Only after i lost them i notice there importence in my life. But nothing iv lost i dont miss anymore . I guss they had there moment .
Alcione N.
I lost my friends when I moved country. As I was young when I met them I wasn’t aware of how our bonds grew, it just happened, and after years and years we were ultra close. Then I moved to another country and had no friends, and since then I’ve realised how lucky I was to have met those people, and I definitely took it for granted while I had it. I’ve been in a new country for 2 years now and have realised how much energy goes into forming bonds, and when you aren’t seeing each other every day at school, it’s a lot harder to start and maintain friendships
Nicoline W.
Acctually I have. Not once, several times. The hardest part was tha fact that I did not believe in myself hard enough and was scared to act in the way that would have left me feeling happy and fulfilled. I had a hard time trusting myself. My beliefs, desires, feelings, my intuition. I was not brave enough, I had low self esteem, I did not work on myself, I did not sit down and reflect on everythin I had. I was not aware of my own happiness. I don't let this put me down any longer. Yes, I have made mistakes, I have loved and I have lost, I have gotten hurt and I have cried… all that has made me to finally strat working on myself and building my own world of self love and appreciation, self esteem and self respect. I love who I'm becoming! Small steps to a happier Elma's world!
Sophia T.
I lost relationships I was not grateful for. They sucked the air out of my days and ruined my ability to enjoy life. It was great to find freedom after they were gone
Lesi N.
Yes my notes that I took when I was an emergency room tech. I always took notes on post-it’s for almost two years and I said when I find some time I’ll put my notes into a notebook. But when I finally decided to do it (4 years later) someone had thrown it away 🙁 now it’s all memories
Olanda Z.
I honestly don’t know. But I think that maybe I lost something I thought I wasn’t grateful for. Once it was gone I realized how much I really liked having it.
Agar Z.
De dingen die ik kwijt ben geraakt ben ik me niet altijd even bewust dankbaar voor geweest. Maar wanneer ik er aan terug denk ben ik wel dankbaar voor dingen die ik kwijt ben geraakt zo een vriendschap. In eerste instantie zit er meer boosheid en verdriet dus zou ik denken dat ik er niet dankbaar voor was. Maar dat is het juist wel.