How do you train your brain to be grateful for the little things?

Amelia A.
i think it’s important to remember not what we don’t have or what we want, but what we are blessed with and how we use that in such a way that other people on this earth can’t. it’s important to remember we get three meals a day and people may only get three meals a month, you have a house to live in, and a family that loves you. focus on what sometimes you overlook x

Nishant I.
I think I am just a spec of dust in front of this whole universe, There is something in this which is controlling this Universe and us as well,
I always become grateful to that energy.

Rae N.
Every morning, ideally before I touch my phone, I spend a few minutes to jot down something I feel grateful for that particular day. By making it day specific it helps to avoid sweeping general statements like “being alive”

Luna O.
Just do it. I know it sounds cheesy but It honestly just takes practice to be grateful. At the end of your day, go through everything that happened and if it made you happy or was something you liked or wanted done, then say allowed, with a smile, "I am grateful for…" This helps you learn to identify what you value & what actually makes you grateful. It's a learning process that you can get better at doing. The eventual goal then is to be able to express your gratitude (verbally or otherwise) in the moment. In addition, I find this practice helps my critical thinking (when I ask "how did this make me feel?"), memory, and general happiness.

Chi I.
I set a small amount of time to consider my blessings each day and throughout the day. At the end of the day, I review all of these things will reflecting on more that may have come up since the last time I reflected on this. I keep it to about 3-5 things to make each one more significant.

Janina M.
I guess it's world has natural beauty in so many things, that it is not that difficult if you can pay a bit more attention! 🙂

Maria U.
I take time every day to make a list of all things that went well that day and tell myself how good I am to have achieved all that, and how blessed I am to be able to achieve. I thank for every good thing that happened and is about to happen to me, and try and plan things to achieve the following day.