How do you feel grateful in a bad day?

Marshall A.
Even in a bad day you have moments of clarity. At least i have my dog, at least i have my house, at least i am still breathing. At least tomorrow is going to be a new day. At least i have the strength to start over again despite my many many failings. At least i tried, i failed, i learned and i start over

Marc C.
It's difficult. It's easy to feel resentful and focus on our worries. And forcing it doesn't work either. I think getting comfortable and taking deep slow breathes is a good start and then look at very simple things to be grateful for.

Maija W.
I think about the little things. How I was able to get out of bed, shower, and eat breakfast. How I still made time to be kind to others when I haven't been kind to myself. And, most importantly, I think about how tomorrow will be better. I am only in control of myself, only I can control how I react to bad days. Love yourself!

Luciano Q.
I would be grateful to see and experience one more day of my life. I would be grateful the experience that taught me something. I believe that problem are our opportunities to become a winner, a hero. I would be grateful for getting a chance to start again, and this time I'll have the experience; I'm not starting from the zero.

Lucille Y.
I use guided meditation to help me calm down the bad thoughts and make space for the ones that include gratitude. It's a really tough proceeds so I sometimes try to look at the bad day from a "logical" pov so maybe I can destroy some of the bad feelings.