How do I know what I am really grateful for?

Hannah N.
When you start practicing gratitude, it’s really easy for it all to feel fake or contrived. Like, of course I’m grateful for breathing, or my mom or whatever. But once it becomes a habit you’ll actually start to FEEL the gratitude. Have patience, give it time.

Maelanie Z.
You’ll know your grateful for something when the absence of it causes you to long for it, even if it’s a longing for something small like wishing you had use to a laundry machine instead of hand washing your clothes. That way, it encourages you to see the bigger picture of things and how small you are (not that you’re insignificant but more of in the unselfish way of seeing things). And it’ll help you appreciate all the things, especially the small things, that you’re blessed with in life:)

Jessie Z.
Some days, you strongly feel the love, compassion or patience someone has graced you with. And there are plenty of times when you draw a blank, for various reasons. In those moments, I draw from 2 of my mentors, Eckart Tolle & Jack Canfield. Who explain gratitude doesn’t have to be a deep heartfelt subject… feeling the soft carpet under your bare feet, the warm water on your hands as you wash them, along with the smell of the soap… thanking parts of your body that do the work for us that we take for granted i.e. your heart that beats, our breathing etc.
Really stretch your mind for all kinds of little things too, for they are equally as important❣️🥰

Rh P.
I‘m really grateful for the things that when I do it,I know I will never regret, no matter what happens in the future. They will become part of the beautiful memories that I give myself for the rest of my life. For example, consciously establish a habit by doing it every day, rain or shine. Someday in the future, I can tell the differences between having this habit vs. not having it, and be grateful that I started it long time ago

Gerry Y.
You feel it deep inside of you. And it doesn’t have to be big things such as loving life itself, it can be small things such as the sun, a nice cup of coffee and seeing a cute dog on the street. Anything that makes your soul smile!

Manuel E.
You know what you are really grateful for by identifying what brings you peace and joy without our much effort or intention of your own. In the most simplest form/time what makes you smile, brings peace, provokes you to love or be loved? A good practical step could include distinguishing your needs from wants/ desires. My guess would be the things you are most grateful for will connect back to you basic needs and then work out towards materials things.

Pierre C.
Take time to just be and let it come to you. It can be for the simplest of things, like your health, or water. Being grateful for even the little things counts. 😊

Nicole P.
I put down whatever makes me happy in life. (: My wife is on my list every day and then anything from my morning tea to a call with my friend can end up on my list as well.

Maria Theresia R.
When you look around, there are a million things to be grateful for. Every just so small thing is already worth getting recognised and appreciated. I mean, you trying to change, taking a step forward everyday, the fact that you got so far already, everything that led to this very moment is something even more than worth being grateful for. Being grateful feels warm like a smile that you truly mean with all your heart. It helps you feel good about the world and yourself. You can start with small things to be grateful for, it doesn't have to be something that changed your life, just the delicious meal that you had earlier or a stranger smiling at you the other day. Gratefulness can grow and before you know it, everything will make the world seem so much happier and brighter. Just like negative emotions make the world dull, being grateful gives everything a warm shine to it.
You can be truly grateful for anything and everything, as long as it is filled with positivity and makes you happy.

Charles N.
You cannot think too much about it. Live your day being aware of the little things inside and around you. At the end of the day, when you lay in your bed, you understand that you are greatful of a lot of things, even having a bed where to sleep in a warm an lovely house!

Louka G.
I always stop and think, “What would my life be like without XYZ”? It could be a thing, like my coffee maker. Or a person, like my husband or Fed ex drivers. As just a couple of examples… but stopping yourself just a couple times a day and looking around at the things you’re using, people helping you, abilities you have. Just seeing that makes you think how lucky you must be and that’s grateful.

Patricia Q.
At first, i am always discovering new things that makes me feel grateful! 😃 And my heart almost get out by my mouth when i am feeling grateful about something that i realy love!
Some days, when i have more dificult to see/feel grateful on my day i Start to look arround me and i think, i have healthy hands, healthy foots, healthy body….lets keep a healthy mind too! ❤️

Mi Osz A.
Jestem wdzięczny za wszystko co dookoła siebie posiadam. Nie mogę się złościć i byc smutnym, to napewno nie pomoże. Wypracowałem w życiu to co mam i albo będę z tego dumny i będę starał się by było coraz lepiej, albo polegnę nie starając się wcale

Madison F.
Think of things that can make a rainy day turn into the brightest and happiest summer day ever. I often try to think of someone who really saved my day or a person who makes a big difference in my life. You can even be grateful for small things, too. For example, you could be grateful for this app because of how helpful and thoughtfully organized it is. You just have to get creative and you’ll find something. You’ve got this and I believe in you.

Nilza E.
I know I am grateful by the warm glow of the experience and memory. My heart feels inflated and strengthened. My soul feels happy and hope is real.

Navah Y.
You know what your truly grateful for when you feel it deep in you. You’ll be able to tell when you achieve the true feeling of being grateful. Some times you can just tell.

Breno A.
Think about everything you did today from the moment you woke up till the moment you are laying on your comfy bed. And be grateful for the good and the bad as the bad is usually an undescovered good

Louis U.
I know what I am grateful for because without it I wouldnt have a positive feeling or impact in my life. When I am truly grateful I cherish and want to hold it forever because I know it is valuable beyond measure. Being grateful can also be small, like just showing appreciation for those little gestures that improve life and the energy you surround in.