When writing grateful notes I feel there are many categories, grateful for things I have for a longtime, such as health, family members, love, friendship… and then there are other things that I am graful for at the end of the day, such as being able to complete a task, pay my bill, call a friend. During this 7 day grateful exercise, which category do you suggest to use?

Crystal X.
Personally, I try to show gratitude for many things. A different one each day. Monday may be towards myself, Tuesday my loved ones, Wednesday my job, Thursday the challenges I face, Friday for what I have, Saturday for the scarifies others have made on my behalf, and Sunday for my dreams and beliefs that keep me going. Whatever you feel grateful for on that day… 💗
Samantha Y.
I have been answering based on my daily life as opposed to my overall life. So I focus on tasks I completed, happy little moments, and other fun or interesting things that happened that day.
Arvindaksh G.
Firstly, I’d start with being here to have received all the blessings, such as seeing the sun rise, sip a glass of water, being able to accomplish the small & the big tasks we set for ourselves…

I’d definitely like to improve myself on my work front where I have to become a tad assertive on my timelines & turn around of creatives as I feel people have to stop looking at me as a springboard.

In my personal space I need to let go of all those who have been mean to me in any way possible as my energy is not mea nt to just be there to be wasted. I have to absolutely prioritise myself over everyone’s demand of me because I can’t be of use to anyone if I’m not a 100% to myself.

I still am learning & I'm grateful for trying to embrace the changes that I am willing to ask & work for, trying to set small yet significant things as my goals & make peace with my past for a better future for myself.

Venita I.
Gratitude or being grateful carries with it an experience. Helps us focus on the heart and also what we truly appreciate and want more of in life. It can squelch fear, sadness, depression. This 'style' of gratitude if you will, gets you in a positive place, uplifts your mood and starts or ends your day on a note that says, I do not lack because I have so so much.
In Fabulous it is expressed to Celebrate your victories. And notice all the things you do and habits you form. I do the first style in the morning and the second in the evening. But whatever flows for you is what you are to focus on. If you are grateful for your breath one moment and happy you finally finished a work project. Then do that. As far as the exercises go, I really enjoy the Self Esteem one, 11 mins in the evening. Feels like it sets the day right for me and I can sleep better.
Marta Y.
I write something that made me feel good and happy while experiencing it. like a song, a walk with my dog, a meal(or the ability to taste things)…
Emily X.
Thank you for your question. For me, I use what’s best for that day. I may be more excited to be grateful for those long time relationships of family and friends then at other times I am grateful for being able to pay the bills on time or take a nap or study and ace a test or spend time with kids. No matter what it is you’re grateful for write it down, make note of it and celebrate! Thank you for letting me share.
Nio Z.
Thank you so much for your question. I think it’s important to use whatever things you’re grateful for that come to mind regardless of how old or new. Write it down and look back from time to time so that you’re able to celebrate and be reminded of those big or small victories that need celebration. Thank you for letting me share.
Minnie Z.
I’m grateful for my family members , for all the opportunities the life has bring to me, I’m grateful for all the experiences I’ve lived