Ever feel like you’re ‘not in the mood’ or just don’t have it in you to do a gratitude exercise. What helps you take action?

Lua P.
I have a daily gratitude journal and there have been days where I am upset with everything it feels like. On those days I go to the very basics like "thankful that my pillow supported my neck while I slept" which some times but not always moves into other things like thankful I have a bed… thankful I am not sleeping in a tent in the snow. I dunno, sometimes it is a struggle but it is good to acknowledge the simple things that I take for granted.
Dodo L.
I bought a journal called "one line a day." I only have to write one sentence to it. I choose to write 3 things I am grateful about every day. It takes me less than a minute. When I don't want to, I ask myself: who am I punishing right now when I choose to not do that?
Shane B.
The gratitude exercise is the easier for me and the one I compete with ease. If you just think about all the things we take for granted like our health, youth, privilege, friends family, wealth, opportunities… even small things.. the scenery on your commute, the current times we live in.. no war, no major disease.. keep thinking and you'll discover gratitude in abundance
Chris E.
My general exercise isn’t twenty minutes of yoga so I make sure ignore I’m not feeling it or don’t have time to do two sun salutations which gets the blood flowing and is me investing in myself but is a much easier task
Peggy P.
Sometimes it is hard to be grateful for many reasons, pain (physical or emotional), exhaustion, apparent no time to do anything. You can have really good intentions but not enough motivation.

Start small. Write the first word that comes to mind that inspires you to be thankful.
If you really can’t think of anything, stop and smell the air. Write down how it smells, feels, sounds, how it makes you feel. That in itself is gratitude.

With repetition you will find that small things happen during the day that you want to remember for your journal. Now you are on your way.

Nikolaj Z.
I remember i need to put my own oxygen mask on before i put others. Gratitude really helps to improve my breathing breaking each thing down being specific
Tif O.
That's when I need to do it the most! I find ten min to really think about my life. Some days I'm just really grateful for running water. Some days it's something more fluffy… when you feel the least grateful is when you need to practice gratitude.
Faith C.
That's when I just say I am grateful to be breathing. Grateful to have a home, grateful to have a phone, stuff like that
Melanie N.
I know the positive impact that practising gratitude every day has on my well-being, so even when I’m tired and don’t feel like it, I know it’s worth taking a few minutes to bring to mind the things I’m grateful for.
Herbert O.
When I’m very low and depressed cross my mind to have a not bothered attitude, guilty and perspective to actually realise how being grateful for now helps me achieve a better tomorrow and be looking forward to be grateful again!
Juliana P.
The notifications actually help. When I’m being lazy on my phone on instagram I’ll see the notification and roll my eyes at first. I’ll sigh but then begrudgingly get up and start the exercise. But once I’m up and doing it I think to myself oh yeah this makes me feel good and puts me in a good mindset throughout the day. It also helps how short and easy they are. It really doesn’t take that much to get up and go! One step at a time 🙂
Umbertina P.
I normally just do it right away and told myself that it just take a quick moment and I can resume back to what I want. The actual thing is, once you kick off things will keep going on and that is my little tip for gratitude exercise.