Would you be open to looking for daily miracles?

Mathew Z.
Yes, I think it's important to recognise the small, but miraculous things that happen to us, and around us every day. It helps to keep me grounded in a busy world where few people keep in mind the big picture. That we are only here for a short time and we should use that time to experience the miracle that we are every day. So, I am open to it.
Jan R.
Well.. I would say nothing happens randomly. You call it forth, so pay attention during the day and see what events/things you wished for or visualized or intented to create in your day that actually happened! The more you look for ,the more you see, and the more you see it the more you will believe it. You create your life. ♡
Julia L.
My daily miracle is choosing life over death. I struggle with depression and due to my "job" which is babysitting my grandchildren which although rewarding has significant drawbacks. For instance, my oldest takes every opportunity to short my paycheck but always asks for more babysitting time for her to go on excursions with her husband. It's hard to set boundaries bc I always become the one at fault.
I often think perhaps things would be better if I wasn't here. Then I realize this situation is temporary and remind myself of a story about a guy who felt hopeless as I do and tried to commit suicide by jumping off of the golden gate bridge. He survived. He said once his feet left the bridge, he realized he had made a mistake. That story keeps me from driving my car off a bridge everytime I drive it. I want my daughter to appreciate me and the things I do, but i feel this desire will never be fulfilled, at least not, while I'm in her "employ". My husband is the best thing in my life, and does a great job keeping me grounded. I hate how much my internal pain hurts him. I try to keep my head up and stay positive. It's a challenge for sure, but I refuse to give up.
Tracy Z.
Yes I think it would be great to have something that can be a faith-related option. I would wonder how to define it to each person. What is a miracle versus a wonder?
Leanne X.
Definately open to a daily miracle. To me that would be to become a better time manger. I have children so not much spare time for myself. The little miracles are only the stepping stones to bigger and better ones to come