How do you find something to be grateful for on a bad day?

Enrique N.
Puedo regresar a lo que anteriormente respondí en esta aplicación y darme cuenta de las cosas que paso por algo pero realmente no debería pasar, puede ser mi familia o tener un lugar donde dormir, algo más personal como mi mente o algo más simple como que vi el atardecer a tiempo.

Nikita T.
You tend to find reasons to be happy on a bad day at the end of that day. At that time of a bad day it's important to know it's good to feel bad take some time to let it all out then do something that'll make your heart leap that'll free you from all the stress that'll make you feel peaceful and happy. At that time you'll be grateful to yourself for giving yourself time but if you don't have time to give urself then you have to write your whatever you feel and then distract yourself temporarily with the work you want to finish and after you finish that work reward yourself