It’s really hard to be grateful these days (I am constantly worried about money and safety during this pandemic). Anyone have any tips for “outside the box” things to be grateful for?

Shubhra Z.
Go through your day again. Think about anything that made you smile. It could be just a thought, photo, video, quote, joke, person, your meal, a song. Literally anything. Basically anything that made you smile even the slightest during that day is what you are grateful for.
Karen X.
I’m grateful I woke up
I’m grateful to have a warm roof over my head and that I am safe in it
I’m grateful I have clean drinking water
I’m grateful I am able to write this
I’m grateful to have plenty of nourishing food in my home
I’m grateful to be able to walk from one room to another

Hope these help you 🙏🏻