Does gratitude improve your health?

Va Se N.
It does. At first I was focusing on negative things that happen through the day, and now I'm trying to focus on good thing. This makes me mire optimistic and gratefull.
Claude Y.
Yes, a little bit, at least it makes me realize that I always have at least one thing to be grateful of. And when my mood is boasting, I can't stop writing and it makes me proud having so many things to write and finding out I'm happy.
Harry C.
Absolutely. The body connects to the mind and spirit. It is a triad of impact that all create a domino effect and impact all components. Being thankful gives you ability to unlock your heart and potential to succeed in all of your endeavors.
Ravleen N.
Yes it does. I started a gratitude journal this year and whenever I feel sad, I go through my journal and reading things I’m grateful for makes me happy and lifts up my mood!
Sarah G.
Aw gratitude gives you a positive outlook which is proven to improve health and speed up recovery from illness. The bible says that ‘a cheerful heart is good medicine’.
Hillery F.
Yes, reflecting on the things that you are grateful for gives you the opportunity to see you day to day life through a different lens. It allows to to set aside the stressors and anxieties of your day to see the positives, your accomplishments, the things you love, and the moments that made the day special, unique, different, and worthy of applause.
Chloe E.
I like to believe it does. I think it provides you with the ability to deal with stressors in life more easily or make them more manageable. And I think everyone can agree that stress has been proven to cause or exacerbate health issues.
Siegbert U.
Yes. It does make hard times in life easier. Less stress about things that are not that important. Makes focusing easier for more important things. Also it makes me like my life more.
Lezanne B.
I think it does because feel better about your self and it gives you a positive mindset. I try and set myself a goal of doing something nice every single day.
Nathan Q.
Gratitude creates positivity and acceptance in life with varied kind of situations one facing. Gratitude has taught me not only be grateful to people around one but also to the superior power and to oneself. Everyday day habit of doing gratitude has made me a kinder person in day to day life. I taught me not to take anything in life for granted. It taught me everything is valuable. Therefore with gratitude in ones life my mental health has significantly improved and also been Influential to people around me. I'm grateful to even think about getting a chance to reflect upon my journey of gratitude