How have you progressed, or what improvements have you seen, since using the Be Grateful habit?

Saba U.
Even I don’t do my habits every day of the week but i try my best to be on my plan 5 times sometimes less than that but i try and I’m progressing
Liana F.
I feel I'm learning to switch negative thoughts to positive thoughts and learned it's all about your perspective.
Being grateful even for small things, already sets up a positive thinking and also makes you force to recaptule all the good things, blocking your mind to lean toward the negative.
S Nke U.
Thank you for your question. Since starting the Be Grateful habit I’ve noticed myself more calm and collective with my thoughts. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be thankful and to see, hear, know, feel and even taste the goodness of gratitude. My gratitude journal is helpful with the progress too. Thank you for letting me share.
Julie X.
Well, English is not my native language. But even now, writing it here, i get some useful experience. And what about this app?.
My live is getting structure by doing as you call 'dayly' routine. But i cant call it routine. Every thing that i start to do is helps me to make my life little bit better. And the one thing which ive heard this days, and i guess i even read it here is the thing that to have progress to be better, you should make step by step. And you guys help with that. Cheers
P.s. Im sure you have a lot things to do right now, but i hope you looking for a man who will translate your app in to Russian. With best regards…