What are your gratitude habits?

Steph F.
Make and hold space for time to be grateful in your life, even if it’s only a small amount each day. Set this time purposefully and with intention to dedicate it to your act of gratitude.
Leanne X.
Looking back on my day and trying not to repeat the same thing. Looking at what else I'm grateful for, to give me a better outlook on my life and every little part of it.
Nadia F.
Writing 3 things I’m grateful for in a gratitude journal I keep on my nightstand. I try to elaborate and reflect on each instead of simply listing them.
Cynthia N.
I have a guided gratitude journey I use. I also list things I'm grateful for every day, at least 3 but it usually ends up being more. I use this app to help hold me accountable to do it daily. Add the gratitude challenge
Morris U.
Find something ( ANYTHING!!) to be grateful for! Breathing, shelter, food, a place to sleep, a caring heart that WANTS to see the good. Just be GRATEFUL