Does gratitude have to be directed towards another person?

Megan E.
No definitely not. I like to think about the things in glad I achieved in the day too, things that I'm proud of, or even simple things like managing to find the time to style my hair
Ruben P.
Hi , no. Try to concentrate on what you are grateful for in general but it’s important to thank yourself for all your hard work and anything (even the tinniest little things) positive you’ve done. Be grateful for what you have and what you’ve achieved; for people around you , animals, the World and anything that make you happy- your health , the roof over your head, nice clothing, tasty food, all the resources that you are lucky enough to have – try to realise how lucky you actually are compared to many many people around the world ( for example those living in 3rd world countries or those torn by wars)…And ,it’ll just get easier and easier … every day you will find more and more things you could be grateful for:) I promise
Capturing G.
No I don't think so but I always try to choose at least 3 things I'm grateful for. Someone I got to spend time with or that did something for me, something that I may usually take for granted ex. Quality time with my kids or pet, working vehicle to get me from a to b, etc., and some kind of self care activity I did for the day ex. Walked outside and listened to birds chirping, bath a hot bath and read a book, spent time doing nothing but listening to the thoughts in my head
Sunita N.
Gratitude is what you’re grateful for. It can be people it can be objects it can be memories. Gratitude is appreciating all your surroundings.
La Princee E.
No, you can have gratitude for many things not just a person. Gratitude is being greatful for all the things you do have & not complaining about the rest.
Isobel W.
Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude
Daniel N.
For me, it has more meaning if it's directed towards another person, but one's interaction with our planet can also yield a similar result.
Poorani E.
Hi! Definitely not. Gratitude is a feeling of being thankful. And, we can be thankful to others, ourselves, and this beautiful universe. We can show our gratitude infinitely without bounds.
Ashley Q.
Absolutely not! It can be anything – like it's a beautiful day outside, or the clocks are about to spring ahead! Look for joy & gratitude everywhere.
Shirley U.
Definitely not in my opinion. I have a pot on my bookcase shelf covered with delicate sea grass. I never met the artist, but am immensely thankful for the joy his talent has brought me.
Fernando I.
It could be as well. But for me gratitude is something that you feel, with a lot of faith in your heart, that somehow, everything that happens, happens for a reason specially designed for you and knowing this you can be grateful.
Niomie G.
No I believe that gratitude is shown in everything you do, everything you say, and your everyday living. Being grateful for the food you have to eat, having a roof over your head and clothes on your back, is showing gratitude to the people who work hard to supply us with those basic things.
Victor F.
Definitely, no. You can be grateful for anything. Sometimes, we ignore the importance of feeling gratitude for the little things in ours lives, focusing only in the great events. Remember to be grateful about breathing. It's a little miracle that happens every few seconds…
Odyssey N.
No, it can be directed towards yourself as well, like how I don't have to be thankful to a particular person to feel thankful?