Do you spend the 10 minutes or so in quiet thinking and being present with gratitude? Or do you write your stuff down and click the check?

Susan Z.
I spend a short time reflecting but mostly just think and type all the things that I am grateful for that day. I am amazed I think of more and more each day. I’m usually quite negative and don’t see the good things enough. I see beauty in nature but I am not always so aware of simpler things to be grateful for. There’s so much.
Kevin U.
Hi. I spend quite time contemplating and reflecting on my day and thinking about the good things in my life and what to be grateful for. Hope this helps.
Ramon P.
I do spend the time in quiet, thinking about the things for which I am grateful. That's particularly important during this time. I let the images of good things that happened it that I learned about from the previous day float in my head. I express gratitude for those things.
Ayshah S.
I try not to meditate or think about what to write instead I let my thoughts flow effortlessly on to the paper. Later I will read my words and then mediate on them. By letting my thoughts go undirected I truly get to understand myself.
Kristen L.
I close my eyes and review my day and write down all the things i think that have been good about today. If it takes less than 10minutes i pick a meditation to do…
Skye U.
I personally do both, some nights when I forget to write in my journal or making excuses like I’m too tired, etc I take the 10 minutes or so sitting and being present. If I have a moment or in the morning when I’m going through my day plan I like to open up my journal
Dave N.
I spend the time in quite gratitude and thinking. If I’m going to do something I might as well do it to the best of my abilities. I complete the task early in the morning when everyone else is sleeping and the house is already quiet
Alito S.
Hi! Well I did it just once, but usually i write and then press check, I obviously take my time to think about the whole day and what happened!