How can I learn to be grateful for all my faults?

Lisa E.
You can’t make yourself be grateful for your faults but you can see them as the gateway to understanding, loving and accepting yourself as you are. Seeing fault is passing judgement about your behavior or worse …yourself. You might have parts of yourself that you want to work on or you might wish you handled things differently in a particular situation. Those aren’t faults – they are parts of you that you see from your meta-cognitive self. Like watching yourself in a movie… now that you see the things you want to change you can elevate your awareness and work on them. All the work starts from love ❤️ not judgement. Love had the light to show you better choices for your future. Be kind and gentle with yourself when you see faults and remember there are NO perfect people we are just trying to improve a little bit every day. Namaste.
Christel F.
That’s a really good question! There’s a couple of things I try to practice daily. To start I try to remember that we all have flaws and it’s important that I not focus on them. Instead I try to focus on what I can do and what I’m good at. When I do that I feel good about myself because then I realize I’m being kind to myself as I should be. And that brings a big smile to my face every time. I also practice affirmations to reprogram my mind to only speak positive about myself. So when a negative thought arises. I quickly replace it with a positive affirmation. Or just simply say something positive about myself. To get rid of that negative thought. The last thing I practice is gratitude. I find that if I just look around there is always something to be grateful for. And when I do this it helps get rid of any negative feelings that might be lingering. Also one more really important thing that I do daily. I practice smiling more often rather it is to myself or directed at someone or something. I make it an habit to smile as often as I possibly can. If you do this you’ll find You’re self always in a good mood. Well I really hope this helps. And thanks so much for the questions! I really enjoyed reflecting on one of my daily habits.
Priti T.
Every time you did mistakes you learn something from it. Every mistakes have some lessons for us from which we learn to improve our self and not to repeat that again in future. So we should be grateful for our fault because it gives so much experience to us.