What do you tell others about this app and being grateful when they ask if there is a tangible difference.

Frank O.
I am very new to it but its been good for me. I usually work 16 hr days in the public. I am on lock down for covid and feeling isolated. The little reward gifs and interactions makes me feel more connected to the outside world.

Xaver X.
I'm grateful that it's based on evidence of science, research, mental health wellness. I love the slow and steady pace of the program. It really does well to build a foundation so that the hard mental and emotional work that's coming up, has a shot to work because of the healthy behaviors set.

Kathy Q.
I would never have given up sugar this week successfully (so far) without this app, the challenges, and the ideas to stay on track. I have walked every day in June – except for two- and feel more fit. I like checking the boxes and the flexibility to set your own goals.