How do you practice gratitude towards yourself? What helps?

Jessie S.
I keep a Pinterest board of inspirational quotes and images and think about times I’ve lived those quotes or images out. I also look through photos on my phone in my photo album of my loved ones and focus on gratitude for my relationships with them. I consider my health and all the things I enjoy doing and focus on how grateful I am for the ability to do them. At the end of my practice, I consider the very breath I’m taking and very moment I’m in and how grateful I am for it. Any thought that enters my head, I try and find a silver lining or way to be grateful. Example: Thought – “It sucks to get old.” Gratitude response: Getting older is a privilege denied to many.

Thought – “Gross, that onion smell is so strong” … Gratitude response “ I am grateful I have such a great sense of smell. Some
cannot smell at all.

Vickie U.
Actually, I don't, this is something I see I need to really work on, I believe this will help a lot with my confidence and how I view or see myself, to start I believe I'm a very strong minded person who over came many obstacles in my life.
Francislene E.
Remembering that there was a time I wasn't very good to myself helps me be more grateful for the healthy choices I am making.
Micheal U.
I like to think what I’m doing good with me and with the others. It’s useful to think about the positive things yourself have and see what you can change to improve and be a better person everyday.
Domitille N.
I think about all the good things I have in life. Even the small things like having a clean house, good friends, an amazing man,