How to be grateful when things are falling all around you?

Naxish W.
I was not very thankful person but recently i have started enjoying my NOW this very moment
Letting go of what hurts and looking into every minute blessings like my eyes so i can see etc help me recognizing every day how blessed i am
Cs Rnyi X.
No matter how bad your day was, you can always find something positive. You might need to think about it a little longer, but as you do this you will train your mind to appreciate the little things which will make it easier for you to be grateful . You can be grateful for anything. A nice conversation, a delicious lunch or even a YouTube video. Everything counts!
Katrine Y.
Forse a smile on your face, and when time is pasning, you will soon feel a little more happy. Try to look for the good things. Even if it is very small, it is still something to keep with you. Life works in curves, nothing is permanent. And remember, you still have beautifull you. Love your self and love your own company.
Eg Dio E.
I will spend my time to draw close to my Lord Jesus Christ by praying and worshiping Him.

He is my shepherd I shall not be in want.

Andreea O.
Being present and being grateful for all what happens in every moment in the life is the gift of living on this planet. Learn from each experience and understand the message deeply.Protect the planet and the planet will protect us!
Jade S.
Think about things that you might not usually. If a lot is going wrong, can you do anything to fix those things? Be grateful for the ability to help a situation. Or cope with them better? Be grateful for your understanding of the world around you. Do you have good health? A roof over your head? Be grateful for your body, and the things it can do for you, for your mind and the things that can do too. Things may continue to fall apart for a while, but you have the ability to change the way you think about that situation. Use it as a learning experience, and think about what you can do to make things easier. I believe in you, things will get better.
Rosvita P.
I just go for the little things. Small nice stuffs happen everyday, just notica and appropriate them can really make a day worth.