What are ways to help one feel grateful?

Suchita F.
Always say positive things to yourself while having a positive mindset. You also should have faith in yourself knowing that you can be successful and enjoy anything and everything you do and put your mind through.
Robyn N.
Train your brain! It can be hard at first especially if it’s not something you’ve done for a long while so it doesn’t come naturally to you. Be sure to set some reminders on your phone or in your agenda to sit down & write 3 things you’re a grateful for that day & why you’re grateful for them..aim for the first thing that comes to mind no matter how silly it may seem at first; if it came than there’s probably a reason why your brain thought it’s a good thing & it’s good to be grateful for the small things as well as the big. Writing a sentence or as to why you’re grateful for this helps to further ingrain the positive feelings & rewires your brain to start looking more for positives over negatives around you in your day..eventually it will become quicker & easier to write these but the trick is to stay consistent no matter what!
Ellie C.
This answer may be popping up a lot but think of something that helps you live even slightly easier. Such as having access to this app. It helps you determine the best person you can possibly be. Or having a house or place to live in, that certainly makes your life easier. Don’t try to list everything at once, first just say two or three.
Monica O.
Think of something small that you might take for granted. The ability to walk, for example. Name every little thing that you have. Then move on to more specific things from your day.