If you are going through rough time, really rough time That stole from you something you were so grateful for , what will you do?

Cari F.
The Serenity Prayer always brings me comfort. Lord give me the strength to except the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference
Anne Z.
You have to understand that some things you can’t control. The only thing you can control to to WANT to heal form whatever u lost. You must want to heal 100 percent inside and out. Then you will take the actions to heal. I was really going through a hard time so I changed everything. Form my sleep habits, and eat and exercising habits, cleaning, organization, productivity to appreciate the small moments in life and finally my small steps everyday it led me to become stronger mentally and physically. I can’t tell u to initiate action u must want to do it. I can give u a hint that I changed my life with these apps. Shine, Balance,Mindfulness, Oak, and Fabulous. I also bought an Apple Watch to track my health. But these apps work on any iPhone. Good luck! Also don’t be too hard on yourself! Be kind to yourself and lower your standards for goals at first. If u get a C on a test u would tell your mom that u did awful, lower her standards, and then tell her that the positive news is that u got a C. Get me?
Eli C.
Depending on who or what stole the thing I was so grateful for, I would have to consider if there are any possible ways of getting back whatever it was. If not, then you have to work through any type of grieving or you will let it destroy you.
Michelle R.
You know what I can still count some of my grateful experience even though I had a fought time I can still put it in my mind and think oh wait there's a little good thing happen to me.yeah I did that but there's a certain time urhh still that guy ruined my day ..
Julie W.
I can say what I should have done. Take some time to reflect on what really matters to me and how to get rid of anything that is holding me back from going further. Take time to heal but nevertheless keep moving forward. Hurting can make you feel that time froze and you are all alone with your pain, but it's never quite so. Make sure to look around, you will notice others battling similar stuff and among them you will find a few that will inspire you on how to deal with it.
Lillian T.
Because I’ve been in this situation before , the key to my emotional survival was to not let myself dwell to what is lost , adapt and keep on going instead of whining
Josephine F.
Pray for the blessing’s forever more. I have. I lost my dad & my brother… But there is a reason why thing’s happen… The reason why I am not upset is because I don’t dwell. When you think negative the negative become’s positive & in prayer & meditation that is very bad & damageing. So stay positive & greatfull.