Is there anything you can change in your life, and if yes, what is it and how would you change it?

Emirchelo Y.
The only person who knows that answer is yourself, when we are frustrated or unquiet we don't let ourselves to see the answer inside us, we need to calm down so we can be able to organize our thoughts, see the beautiful things that surround us, being grateful about those things and try to see why are we feeling in certain way, it could be through meditation or by just sitting in a place you like to be for a while or at least that's what I do, hope I could've helped you
Sedat E.
I would change the division we have in the world, community, and families. I would like to work toward unity and education, love and knowledge, life and adventure, kindness and challenges to be hard working, motivated, giving and all one. I wish we would have less news about opinions and more news about facts and how to be better, kind, helpful
Now fearful, lazy doubtful and lonely.