How to deeply appreciate and be grateful for what you have?

Mariko Z.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Just realizing you are able to do that is going to opem a lot of small things you take for granted. Being able to dance on your own, not needing help to stand up, having a roof, having people around, loving your self
Cassandra S.
I think what i have. What i achieved in course of time. I am very much appreciative what i got so far. I am appreciative for being healthy, educated and opportunity to help people. Also appreciative for having a beautiful supportive family.
Marie T.
I usually take a deep breathe and close my eyes to get myself in a mindfulness of being grateful then I visualize all the things I'm grateful for. From there I verbally say Each thing im grateful for and I finish last thinking the creator for loving me unconditionally