How you remind yourself of all things to be grateful for?

Ana F.
I just look around me, even when everything is terrible I am alive,I have a family and I have food and a house. Just remember the small things that you can't live without 😉

Frouckje I.
I make lists. In the evening in a little notebook. I number them and try to reach a 1.000 over the long run. It helps to look back into your Day and notice the small things. If you are religious you can also say thanks if something good happens. A good Read about Thankfulness is Ann Voskamp.

Tiffany U.
I just sit in my comfy zone wherever that may be and reflect upon what makes me feel happy and the things that enrich my life. Then I just don't them down in my journal that I have specifically for my grateful a. It really only takes a few min of my time and has made me overall feel better.

Zenta Z.
It’s like driving a car, as a new driver you have to be aware of everything. As you get more experienced the driving with the music, window open etc etc becomes more natural. It’s the same with gratitude. You have to develop it in your regular routine, then you don’t need to be reminded, because it sticks. If that makes sense 🌈

Kris N.
Some days it’s hard to think of things beyond my family and friends and well everything. My mind thinks of so many things that I can only think, I’m grateful for everything. Even the red light that is new and doesn’t make sense. Well, can’t control it, so you got me this time and next time I will figure out how to get through you. I’m grateful for the challenge. So, I try to focus

Shannon U.
I often take pictures. When I look at them, I reflect on the moment in time I took the picture, and take the time and be thankful for the relationship I have with whatever I photograph!

Laertes Z.
When I reflect on the past, things I have achieved, when I look at my present, things I have, it reminds of a lot of things to be grateful for.

Rina V.
The thing is, I have a lot to be grateful for, but it's hard to express it because I'm often stuck at a dark place. So, I tell myself – you are loved, you are happy, you have what you need to move forward and those same people are still in your life following your steps by your pace. You are grateful for them and always will be. For every light and luck that have been embracing you for so long. You are loved, so love freely!

Eloane P.
I think of all the small things first, the ones we take for granted every day, and acknowledge them. I think back on my day and find all the things I have that many people may be lacking, like good health, a family, a comfortable house, and so on.

Fa Rouze N.
I wake up every day feeling blessed because got has given me a chance to try over again first thing is iam alive that’s something iam greatfull for iam healthy iam safe I have a home as well worm food my two little brothers who believes iam their hero even tho I failed so many times iam noticing my blessings and iam Muslim as welll and in qoran alah says thank me and I’ll give u even more

Pauline Y.
I started to do this when my son told me to write a list of all the things that make me happy. I then began to reflect on them daily and make a note at the end of the day.

Andrea Q.
I just start to think about my life. As I’m thinking about my family, friends, work, studies pet and all the things I love, I realize how blessed I am and how happy and loved that makes me feel.
I believe that a grateful life is a happy life. I try to never take things for granted and to easily get surprised. That’s a nice way of not getting to involved in my own “expectations” of how people, situations o things “should be” according to me.

Tina C.
The other day my son was in the car with me and was talking about car colors. He said that you don't see a lot of orange cars. In the next five minutes we saw about 8 orange cars. I told him we noticed them because we were thinking about orange cars. I said if we had been talking about yellow cars, that's the color we would have noticed.
Noticing the things we are grateful for is a lot like that. Before it's a habit, we need to be intentionally thinking about what we are grateful for. Once we build the habit, and change our mindset to see things to be grateful for, it will be a lot easier.
Some days are hard and there isn't something standing out to say, "I'm grateful for this." On those days I think about anything small to be grateful for. It could be the sunset, hearing a bird chirping, the hot water in my shower. Anything to help me practice giving gratitude.

Ingrid Z.
Whenever I feel down or disappointed with my life or my work, I always remind myself about all the wonderful things that I should be grateful for. But I believe that I should practice gratitude every day, I really think this is a good exercise to improve our mental health and to develop a more realistic image of our lives.

Dania F.
I think slowly and deeply. I sometimes go through what I’ve done today, even it was just laying down in bed all day. I’d be grateful for having a roof I can sleep under, a room for myself, a bed I can sleep on, clothes I can sleep or go out with, and so on. Think deeply of every single detail and your gratefulness will speak for you.

Charlotte Z.
I rarely have to remind myself. I just look at myself and my environment and remember all the things I have experienced. Some good and some bad but all have made me who I am today. I am also very spiritual and intuitive.

Christian A.
I start with things that went well that day.. than I go on to the little things that we take for granted like our eye sight, hearing, smell, food, air… I write about why I’m so thankful for them… I write about the hard things and pin point why I am thankful for them at the end of day.. there is nothing that we can’t be thankful for.

Indra I.
Escribiendolas en mi diario, siendo consciente de ellas y viviendo las a diário, recordarle a mis amigos que los amo también ayuda

Merri O.
Usually I like to sit with my first coffee of the day, and as I take my first (the best) sip: I let my mind feel clear, and happy in the moment- that generally allows reflection, and gratitude flows from there. Some days it is gratitude for something small, other days it is a larger, more deeply buried treasure to uncover.

Teddy B.
The gift of life, the fact that I can wake up every day and go about my usual routine. I'm grateful for the supportive friends and family around..

Fernando T.
Just waking up and seeing the light is enough to be grateful for. It’s in that moment that I remember the reason for my existence and I am grateful to be in a state of health and mindfulness. Everything that has happened for is a blessing in disguise so that I may reach this level of pure gratefulness.

Kacey N.
I don’t think you have to try and think of ALL the things to be grateful for. A few things each day is good. I try to write down 3. If you find you can’t think of anything to be grateful for, you could go to basics. Clean water, warm home, etc.

Victor Y.
I usually look at something that I really love or that brings me joy. That way I know that no matter what, there's at least one thing to be grateful for.

Valerie U.
I do it three times a day and it helps me get really detailed because I can reflect on what has happened in a few hours. It takes me into more specific things rather than just being grateful for the same general things. So instead of just always listing my health family and friends, I can say I'm grateful for this particular person that I've just interacted with, or a particular feeling, a view out the window etc. Helps me really be present

Shaun Y.
The way I remeind myself of all thubgs greatful is by looking past the little things and seeing the deeping meaning to what is really going on.

Kimberly Z.
I think when you take time out of your day to remember all the things you're grateful for and write them down, when it comes down to needing them the most you just automatically return to them.

Henri O.
I think the most important thing to start with is get a piece of paper and write down each thing that happens to you everyday that you are grateful for and then transform it to your journal.

N A.
I take my time to be reminded. I don't force it as I am going through a dark mental phase. I take time to observe each and everything that uplifts my mood. Last day, I was at the rooftop at the afternoon and got overwhelmed by the colours of spring. I gave a thanks to the universe because I have a rooftop to be at and breathe for some time. Gratitude can be for anything, not just living beings.

Clemente S.
Well, you can try and make a list of the things you’re grateful for and put them somewhere that you can see everyday. Or you can ask yourself what you’re grateful and either list them orally or write what you’re grateful for, everyday. Hope this helps!

Amalie Y.
I start thinking on all the good thing that happened to my from the beginning of the day to the very end and I understand how lucky i am to live the life that i have

Juliana U.
I look around my house and see things that make me happy. Then I connect to the memory of when I got that item and why that brings me joy. Then I remember the person I was with and the same goes for an experience that I lived. Normally my thoughts connect with so many memories and it’s easier to find something to be grateful for.

Frederik Z.
My Mom is in a nursing home and my husband is in pain a lot. I am not. I am free to contribute to the lives of those I touch! I'm trying to keep my spirits up. I'm glad I have things. I'm glad I'm talented. I realize I am fortunate to have everything I have and I csn learn. I am going through struggles but I always triumph.

Ruben O.
I make it a point to write three things I can think of that I am grateful for at the end of the day. I make it enjoyable and not a chore by decorating the page with stickers and art.

Taylor U.
I don't look at what i don't have and compare myself to the people who i might think are better that they are better than me in something or have something i don't have instead i look at the people who might not have the same things or opportunities i have so i be grateful for what i have.

Diamond Z.
I just look around to everyone and everything I have now and remember the things I never had and the things that I have made and accomplished over these years and just announce it out loud of wat I'm grateful for.

Vickie G.
I think of the things I love, things I like to do. People I love. Things I survived. I think of how grateful I am for those things and write 3 of those things down. Even if they are sometimes the same, I'm still grateful for them.

Harriet D.
I keep a gratitude journal and I write down 5 things that happened in the day that I was grateful for. I do this every night before I go to sleep. Most of the time they are small, like I am grateful I went out for a walk or I had a good breakfast.

Ana S Q.
By being present. Presence sets the tone and allows you to settle back into your throne. A moment of silence and reflection is also one.

Shawn Q.
I get a fabulous reminder every night then sit and write notes in my phone of all the things I have been grateful for that day. Sometimes I'm tired and don't write them all down, but even if I only put one thing on the list I have still dedicated time to be grateful.

Katie C.
By taking my time to think about all the amazing things in my life that are happening , that gives me time to realize how much must I be grateful as me Joyce

Imke Y.
For the most I just think of moments when I smiled or felt warm inside throughout the day. However, I do have a journal, when I think I might forget something I write it down.

Kris N.
Observe things around you. Go for a walk. Think about who has helped you, in little and big ways. What technology do you have? What food do you have? Who do you have in your life to call? Too many things to be grateful for, hard to narrow down

Roary N.
It’s easy to forget to be grateful for little things that help us everyday until we don’t have them; a bed, a home, heat, loved ones. I think you can take stock of all of the things you have to be grateful for by being cognizant for a full day. As you go through your day taking stock of every (even seemingly little) thing you have, remember there’s someone somewhere in the world who does not have that. We’re so programmed to always be wanting more that we lose sight of what we have mentally and physically right now. Take stock of what really matters in your life everyday, what and who helps make your day run smoothly, brings you joy. Focus on everything you have that you once wanted.

Nataka C.
I usually start by think about my whole day from the point i opened my eyes in the morning to the point of present and if there is not much positive in my day (it can sometimes happen) i am grateful for the tinyest things like “I am grateful for the welcoming and cozy warmth of my bed sheets and blankets when i woke up” or “I am grateful for the nice breeze that filled my lungs and energized me for the whole day” there is always something be thoughtful and mindful wishing you the best of luck<33

Sona E.
I go upstairs to see the moon and then I realise that there are so many things to be grateful about. This is how I remind myself of gratitude.