Recently, a man died and I learned about him to celebrate his life. I thought this made me grateful to have “known” him. Can sad events/actions make one grateful?

Isabelle T.
Sadness is the opposite to happiness. When I feel gratitude it makes me calm in the same way both happiness and sadness can do. My mother is sick, she does cemos sometimes and she cant work. Everytime I see her in pain it hurts and everytime I see her in pain Im grateful for being healthy. I do not say that I never complain about my life because I do alot there is many thing I wish was different and problems to be solved but Im so grateful Im healthy enough to deal with it. I think sadness is like the rain before sun. Without feeling sad or worried how are you suposed to know what you are grateful for. I do not despise sadness, I embrace it, it makes me strong and it makes me grateful for all the things that makes me happy