What should I feel grateful for?

Gl Ria F.
Feel grateful for being alive, for your loved once, for food and shelter. For me I feel thankful for being alive, I have been given another opportunity to pursue my goal by my Creator, then for my parents and siblings, my job, and my friends
El A O.
There are really a large number of things that you should/ could be thankful for. Sometimes they are hard to see, but starting with small things (i.e. I'm grateful that I have food on the table, or I'm grateful I have a place to sleep) is a good place to start. Sometimes it's difficult to see the things we can be grateful for in society, but remembering that some people don't even have those small things is important. Think of one way that you're lucky to be in the place that you're in, and start from there.
Cl Dio P.
That you went on this app which means you care about yourself and are trying to do the right things! Just look at small simple things and start there! Got out of bed? Way to go! Showered, brushed teeth? Nice one! You got this!!
Sarah R.
There is really so much when you get started. You had enough money to buy a phone, have somewhere to sit and use it , and maybe buy a coffee.
A body that keeps you alive, despite how we feel about it's appearance.
And hope. Be grateful for hope. Hope that things you felt impossible are possible. Even made in
tiny steps
Justyna G.
For being healthy, having family, food and roof over your head. There are so many homeless people and it always make me conscious of how lucky I am and that I should appreciate everything I have.
Cat M.
Everybody's different, but I can tell you what I am grateful for. I am grateful to be alive today. I am grateful for coffee. I am grateful to have a working alarm clock. I have a heater in my house, something I couldn't afford a few years ago, and so I am grateful that winter is kept outside. I am grateful for running water, another real luxury. I am usually pretty excited by the weather because there's always something beautiful to look at on my ride to work. I am overwhelmingly happy to have a job right now; I hope it lasts. There are things that I want or that could make this life better, but I make sure to focus on how life is good while I work to make it better.
Rebecca U.
I am grateful for the love and support that surrounds me and the knowledge and awareness I have within myself that allows me to change the way I perceive the world around me, I have had the opportunity to educate myself and broaden my own horizons, I see the true value of life in love, to give and to receive
Kassandra T.
Feel grateful for all the small things you take for granted. The fact you get to sleep with a roof over your head, that you get to mope around binge watching your favorite TV shows, that you have that one friend who always checks in on you or that you can afford to splurge on a fancy pen to go along with your new journal. The small things you don't think about are the ones to be grateful for, don't overthink gratitude.
Danny I.
Everything you do have; ev3n if it is not enough or very far (mainly in physical proximity; but not limited to). Just imagine how awful it would be to not even have those.
Ugo A.
I am grateful that even though I have taken advantage of my life, not only am I still here, but I still have a few people that love me!
Mi Cha Q.
When I was a child, my mother would constantly remind me to be grateful. Well kind of, she would usually tell me off and say ‘don’t be so ungrateful’.
I guess, back then, I was baffled…if I didn’t like something, how could I be grateful?
I can see now it’s about looking at the bigger picture and you will see that there are more positive things, in any situation, to be grateful for. Sometimes you just need to take an extra bit of time to spot them.
So when I was younger and less than impressed that I had socks as a Christmas gift and my sister had amazing toys. I should have been grateful that my Aunt took the time to listen to me when I had complained weeks before I couldn’t find any matching socks. I should have been grateful that my Aunt chose to spend money she worked hard for on me. I should have been grateful that I was given something I needed, rather than a toy I’d have played with for a week or two and then stored away. I should have been grateful that my sister enjoyed her toys best when I played with her.
If you’re struggling to see what there is to be grateful for, I ask you to stop and take step back and see your world from where I’m standing.
Kyle C.
I should feel gratitude for my children, that rhwy are in my life and they are healthy. That my body fellow my comands and that it is healthy and I can exercise. I am greatful for freedom and rhat I can work. And I am soooo greatful that I have mer Johan
Sarah C.
Just being alive is a miracle in itself. Every little thing you take for granted is something to be grateful for. We have so much, sometimes too much, and want more. Being grateful is reflecting in the very basics of what we have already that are the most important of all, our lives, our health, the air we breathe, our shelter and our food, and so on.
Sandra Z.
Everyone has a difference approach. Personally, I think of the strong bonds I have been blessed to build, the happy experiences such as my travel encounters, then simple things like my brothers and sisters and my health.
Grace T.
You should be grateful for the good things that happened during the day. So often we focus solely on problems and mistakes and overlook the constant, good things in our lives. (Maybe it's a small win at work or maybe it's just having a warm family, close friends who care about you or simply having a place to sleep in and food to eat).

What I personally like to do is write down 3 things I am grateful for that day. I am always pleasantly suprised when I review the last month/year that I actually did a lot of fun stuff and lived so many good days.

By practicing gratitude, we can avoid the trap of feeling down when there are actually more reasons to feel happy.

Jenna F.
You should be grateful for whatever makes you even a little bit happier or better off. It can be a sunny day or a cup of coffee or having shelter and food. You can be grateful just to be alive. Learning to find even the small things that give us joy lets us learn to focus on the positive in life instead of always wallowing in the negatives.
Nolan Q.
U should feel grateful about your family your life your success your little accomplishments and about the friends you have on your side
Vera O.
You should feel grateful for anything any person any good deed any natural occurrence or phenomenon that bought a smile to your face, or positive emotion or feeling.
Serenity O.
There are so many simple things that we take for granted, that we should be so grateful for. If you think about having these things taken away, it makes it easier to be grateful. The ability to walk, work, eat, drink, smell, taste, touch, exercise, love, laugh. You don't have to look for the extreme things all the time, the simple things are worthy of our gratitude if you just contemplate them not being available. We are lucky to be alive.
Aubrey O.
Anything and everything. Something as little as having a toothbrush to breathing. Being grateful has no wrong answers. What is something you're glad you have?
Julie I.
Maybe for nice weather, a nice day with family, good news you or a loved one received, a good meal, a comfortable home, a good night's sleep, a relaxing day, a good workout, a better day at work/ school, a nice walk outside, fun times with a pet, health, having a job, doing well in school, etc., etc.!
Hope that gives you some ideas! Good luck! 👍🙏
Rowan N.
Your life your partner your home your job your kids your parents your pets your friends the sky the sun the moon the stars the trees the flowers this planet – need I go on?????
Shirley U.
Clean water to drink, a warm blanket, a favourite picture, a flush toilet. These are all common American things we often overlook which I personally appreciate. Today there are the hearts I make to give for Valentines Day, the joy I felt in church yesterday, the small recovery of a loved one struggling to the hospital ICU.
Thank you for asking- I already feel lifted today.
Kylie U.
Just look around you. The answers are everywhere. Did you wake up? Did you go to work? Did you provide for your family? Did you take care of yourself? Did you take care of someone else? What did you do for you?
Jai F.
It doesn't have to big things, you can be grateful for the clean air and water we have. Food in the fridge, smartphones, NHS, a warm bed etc
Rodney E.
Getting awake every morning, to stand up and breathe, to feel the energy in the body and realize being alive and make the most out of the day. Love life.
Charles P.
Your body. You may not love it – the way it looks or moves or acts – and you may wish for something different from time to time, but just remember that this is YOUR body. Someone may be wishing for a body that looks/moves/acts just like yours, and you are lucky enough to have it. Or if that's too much pick a body part. Pick your favourite: your beautiful eyes, perhaps? Or pick a trickier one – I picked my asthmatic lungs that on good days let me run and dance and on bad days still let me breathe. Good luck!