Do you feel some changes in your life since doing the Be Grateful habit?

Fatemeh U.
Yes… Everytime, no matter what I feel grateful for, I always feel happier and more thankful, also I learned to see good things and accept myself:)
Aracy I.
I find myself more aware of the good and bad that happens to me instead of letting moments pass me by in a flurry. I find a lot more good but I’m also more aware of the bad in between, which isn’t great for everyone but for me who really struggled with acknowledging upfront what was happening to me, I think it’s beneficial. It allows me to target the bad and work it out, either on my own or with the help of my mental health professional.
Minos N.
Not yet. It's a new habit, I'll have to stick to it longer in order to see if it works. Also my mind is pretty distracted and my life very fast paced that I don't think it's easy for me to train my mind to be grateful for small things as they happen. But at least I get the enjoyment of thinking about good things when I write in my Gratitude Journal at night, so that's something at least 🙏