How to practice gratitude

Alkali Y.
I like to just take some time to think about the good moments in my life, or the bad times that became better, and think about what made those good times happen or the bad times better.

Helsi Z.
The easiest way is to give your time to reflect first. Think about what you have, what you get, and what you achieve. Gratitude means you give thanks for the smallest things and for the simplicity in your life, give thanks to everything brightens your day. After that, make a gratitude journal. Eveyday pick three to five things that you're thankful for and write them down. Such as grateful for friends? Family? Material goods? Health? Other blessings in life.

Jannette N.
Write 5 things grateful for in journal.
Set a alarm every 2 hours and think what are you doing, where are you and what make you happy/Grateful Look for the little things.

Kay N.
I pray, journaling has really helped me. 10 minutes in the morning. We have to realize we are creating a new life in sobriety and I’m grateful to be alive given what I’ve put my body through. Practice Gratitude in the small mundane everyday things and it eventually will become a muscle that is easier to see, if that make sense?