How would you like to express your gratitude towards others?

Meme E.
My gratitude towards others.. would have to be something I cN do, to make the persons life just a little easier. By making or buying something.
Melanie W.
I would love it if I could express it directly. But I'm very shy. Usually, if me and the other person are meeting each other, I'd thank them on the last moment before we separate ways. So I don't have to be detailed or prepare another topic to run to after saying thanks. But my favorite is through writings. Text/chat is nice to avoid awkward moments or expressing emotions with emojis, but writing a letter is the best way for me. It gives me time to reflect, gives me a chance to pour all my gratitude, and it'll be a little memorabilia for them. I can even give it with something extra, like a gift, if I want to. And if you're religious, praying for them is a way to thank them with something beyond what you can give them.