How has gratitude have an impact in your daily life

Abdou R. Dedeche
It made me realize that lots of good things are happening and keep happening in my days. I just need to wear the right pair of glasses!

Giulia Eleonora Castelnuovo
It has change my attitude about things. I've switched focus on the good things in the day and I appreciate them both when they happen both later on. I feel lighter!

Tara Betancourt
I started practicing gratitude with this app on a daily basis rather than when that insight would come into my thoughts every once in awhile. I seem to have a better understanding of the people and things around me and how they are connected to what I appreciate about myself and them. It's become a habit to be grateful and easier find things and people to be grateful for. And I am less upset and more patient when things don't seem to be going my way. And happier, more appreciative and more aware of when they do.

Kerri S.
Gratitude brings you to the present. If you use it as a i am grateful that I haven't ..or when they…it becomes a comparison (like Desiderata) and becomes inward. Gratitude is about outward – it is a response to what is good.

Tessa Hubert
Not sure quite how to articulate, but here it goes. Mindfulness on a organic level, more patience little to no critical or negative projection onto others or circumstances within myself. Diet, exercise and in no small way this fabulous app is truly guiding me this past week… Positive reflection is coming more easily to the forefront of my relationships with others and circumstances again