Things to be grateful about?

Veronica X.
I am grateful that I started taking my medication again
I am grateful at what I have achieved with my business today.
I grateful I am alive.
I am grateful I have created the TVee show to brighten up people's day.
Mary W.
When I wake up feeling great, when my husband kisses me lovingly, when my son hugs me saying 'mama', when I breathe the fresh morning air with a hot cup of coffee, when I go for a walk, when I eat a good breakfast, when I prepare tasty food for my family, when my house maid helps me with the household chores, when I have a good day at work, when my colleague compliments me, when I get back home early, when I have a relaxing evening sipping tea, when I watch my favourite movie or TV show, when my husband comes home after a tiresome day but still smiling, when I play with my kids, when I help my mother in law with her medicines, when my mother in law serves me food, when I have dinner with my family, when I talk to my parents, when I have time to meditate, when I write something, when I retire to bed to have a good night's sleep😊
Alberte A.
Being alive. All the things that make being alive even better β€” friends, nature, good food. Taking care of yourself. Learning new things. Setting and achieving goals. Becoming better every day.
Dezs N I.
About your children, family, pet, everything about you love, every problem what you could solve, difficulities what makes you a better person in the end.
Domitille N.
– To have a job/ internship/ opportunities if you have.
– to be happy
– to be close to people you love.
– to be yourself.
– to care about others or that others care about you.
– to be pretty/ have charms/ be funny etc
– to have a partner/ family.
– to have friends/ pets
– to live under a roof.
– for the weather! The soil! Plants/ food
– to get food on your table
Jessica Z.
Grateful that I feel good today. I woke up with no pain. I had a mammogram that was clear. I had a great breakfast of chai tea, a blueberry muffin and bacon and gouda egg bites. I cuddled with my dog. I talked to my best friend on the phone. My best friend at work is bringing me cheesecake factory and watching a movie with me. It has been a great day.
Gordon Y.
Getting to experience life with all my senses; I get to see the world and his beautiful creation, I get to hear the sound of nature, I get to touch streams and animals with my hands, and also get to taste and smell all types of foods
Melissa F.
My house my home my mum my friends my work my family my life my insecurities and love πŸ’• including my daughter son animals and dead people my dreams my reality my health my solitude Thanks 😊
Tracy F.
Small things- like when coffee tastes good, or when your favorite song comes on the radio.
But also larger things- your child realizing they are smart and you can see the confidence grow in their eyes, or your husband getting a promotion hes hard worked for.
I try to see the possibility in all outcomes of life, and I try to spin them into a positive light.
Luis V.
My family, i am grateful that my children are healthy. That they are smart and have personality. I am grateful for them being alive. I am grateful for my valentina who loves me so much and we understand each other. For ariana for loving her mother so much. For my wife who is unconditionally supportive and patient. She loves me so much without judgement or doubt. I am grateful for our relationship and how hard we work.