Good things to be grateful for?

Nehal F.
I grateful to my self for awareness of my fellings , I grateful to Ahmed for being with me 🙂
Grateful to Nourhan but I wait more Frome her 🙁
Jan R.
Anything!! You can be grateful for your family, for the smile of a child, for the sun, for your food, for a good movie you watched and inspired you, for your health, your house, your car that takes you to places… there are infinite reasons for us to be grateful for 😀
Kayt N.
I find the smaller things are wonderful, and do a better job of shifting my mindset to things I can enjoy in the here and now, not big concepts or ideas. For example, today I am grateful for a flower given by a friend because it's bringing me joy every time I spot it on my dresser. I am grateful for the cheek of our neighbours cat, Lester, who made me laugh with his attempt to saunter into our kitchen while I watched. There are big things I my life to be thankful for, for sure, but there are so many small and wonderful things and when you stop to notice them, that's where I find the big help with my mood and overall well-being. It can make an ordinary day start to feel like an adventure!
Annabel F.
Your health, your mind, your family and friends.
Especially now, all are essential to our sanity and any success we achieve.
Paula R.
I am grateful that my nephews are doing well and making plans to become better each day. They are all taking steps in the right direction.