How often do you complete your gratitude journal.

Daniele X.
Every night, before going to bed. I really take the time to think about the day and what went well. I sleep with a warm heart then

De N.
Rarely. Not because I don't know what to be grateful for, but because there are a lot of small things that I could be grateful for and I don't think it needs to be written in a journal.

Sid Nio S.
I try to at least once a day. Even though some might be busy, it’s okay. It’s never a requirement, but simply an action to reflect on yourself and your life.

Sarah F.
I do a mental check in of things I'm grateful for. I've been trying to do it daily, but sometimes forget. Prayer helps because I can take a few moments to thank the universe for blessings which is gratitude

Paige P.
This is something I am currently working on so not very often to be fair, but with the help of this app I'm sure that will change

Frank Michael Y.
Every evening I dedicated about half an hour for the entire private, meditation, writing and recording my thoughts out loud. It's the best bed time routine I could imagine for my self!

Warren U.
I do my regular journal before my gratitude journal, which only has a few lines available for each day. This prevents me from getting verbose. That limit helps me out because even if I feel like skipping my regular journal, my gratitude journal is so little work in comparison, that I still want to do it. So I try for daily, but I don't beat myself up about it if I miss a few days. I know it makes me go to sleep happier though.

Priscilla Z.
Every evening. I find it gives me a good way to reflect on the day and I go to bed with a feeling of gratitude. I also have begun looking for "blessings" throughout the day to jot down so it's a win-win.

Paula T.
I think writing down what you are grateful for each day makes you think that even though you could have a horrible day there are still good things to wake up to everyday. I try to do it every night so I can go to bed feeling thankful for my life no matter what

Zaida N.
Every day, every day I carry out the schedule of fabulous with pleasure. That is, carrying out the existing schedule at fabulous must be done without any heavy heart and feeling compelled.

Slavko U.
I try to practice gratitude every day, I meditate after lunch and try to take a moment to experience gratitude and re-commit to my plans for the day. I don’t always write down what I’m grateful for, but I commit to the practice

Hiba N.
When you think about it, you don't actually complete your gratitude journal. It just keeps going on and on. There is so much in this life to be grateful for you can't fit it in a book. I actually don't have a journal for this reason. I prefer writing things I'm grateful for on pieces of paper, compiling them in a small booklet and keep adding on to it. It helps me gather more and more things to be grateful for and it makes me happier. So to answer your question, you can never complete your gratitude journal. Although, you might keep things your grateful for in a book and it just depends on how big the book is to how long it will last.

Jodi N.
Many times i try to lose weight because i want to feel happy and better and live my age many times i fail and i gain more weight but now i feel better and I feel that i can do it and i will lose weight and i will have a perfect body and i will not any one say any thing about me i do this for myself not for any body else and i know that I can do it