When it’s difficult to think of things, what “small stuff” do you find you can always be grateful for?

Ta Chara Q.
My bed, walking my dog, turning on my lights, being able to see nature, cooking breakfast, sound mind, it’s the little things that matter and make life so beautiful.

Kelly O.
I can always be thankful for my family, my home, my dog, my job, the kindness of others, the beauty of nature, the good food and clean water I consume, etc.

Ishta F.
Short Walks, regular healthy food, meditations, 1 house chore, a song, creative visualising the things which make me happy, planning, dancing, laughter, organising the house for self care and relaxation, self reflection, taking vitamins, yoga poses,

Yaniv B.
My health, my family's health, enjoying time with family and friends, the cooking or backing something other people enjoyed

Ady E.
We practice gratitude to remind us that we are already blessed. We practice gratitude to remind us that there’s always something positive to celebrate. We practice gratitude because it builds and strengthens our self esteem

Maurice C.
My brain for carrying me systematically through life and for always keeping me afloat. It has given me things that I am grateful for like good habits but it has also given me trials to break through like bad habits. My brain is something that does all the work for me day in and day out and it’s about time I recognise its work in my life and give it the appreciation it deserves.

Roselinde X.
I took care of myself by brushing my teeth, putting on pants, eating a nutritious meal, taking my medication, etc. I cuddled with my pets, read a few pages of a good book, showered… There is always something to be grateful about. Nothing is too insignificant for a gratitude list.

Lea N.
I always feel grateful for the family and the place to live. And the job I have. The car that makes me free to do whatever I am up to. Warm and cozy bad, food on my table. All the tools I have that make self growth a big fun.

Alfred A.
If I find it hard to think of things to be grateful for, and I want to answer with “small stuff” I would say: I’m grateful for the weather even if it rains or snows or…. I’m grateful for the food on my plate, even if I don’t like it, at least I have it. I’m grateful for the clothes I have. I’m grateful for the things I can do today, even of I can’t do anything. Maybe you’re grateful for this app and the help you get from it? I hope I helped you!
Lots of love
Your new anonymous friend

Ari W.
To be honest this year has been really rough on me, my mom recently passed, a fight with my sister, and a friend passed away suddenly. So noticing the little things to be grateful for have been essential for me. It's been my lifeline.
The Sun shining, the smell of spring in the air, the smell of a fresh roast I didn't have to cook, when a stranger holds the door open, going for a walk and seeing a bunny, or a deer. Getting to talk to a loved one on the phone, getting a hug from a loved one. Noticing a sunset. Or my cat napping in a sunbeam, and it inspires me to take a nap. Hearing my favorite song on the radio. All of these things might not happen every day, but noticing what does, really goes a long way to having a grateful heart. Which is really helpful when going through a dark time.

Jacklyn C.
I always find that I can be grateful for beautiful weather, a gorgeous sunrise or sunset, having a job through the pandemic, having a house, my partner, my parents, my dog. Sometimes just looking at things like that make you realize there's tons to be grateful for, even if its something thats a given.

Tracy U.
Health and love of close ones are always on 1st place. Then start thinking about your day, what did you accomplish, even if it's running arronds or a work out in a bussy day… Be grateful cause you did it, because there are days when you can't manage it

Leah E.
My dog, my breath, my legs, my arms, my feet, my health, my eyes, my hands, my feet, mediation, the sun, the earth, etc.

Lindsey N.
The little things that happened during your day. Even if it was getting a drink from the vending machine or having an enjoyable lunch or eating healthy or the weather being nice. Any and all little things will make your brain recognize the good things in life and create a lasting affect of thinking positively.

Jana 145 N.
The fact that your still alive is one of the things we all should be grateful for , not trying to be pessimistic but their are people on their deathbed wishing they had just one more day just one more hour to do the things they didn't do because of their own fear and of course our health that you can see with your eyes, hear with your ears , the fact that your safe and you have a roof on your head or even simply able to breathe and move normally the fact we have 3 meals per day their are alot of things in life to be grateful for it just need you to notice it fully , hope this helps

Trisha Z.
It is difficult for me to think something to grateful even small things when I am facing a problem or having a bad day for making mistakes or did not got what I expected. However, on the past few days until now I am trying to find something or stuff I am grateful forever and it is having my family and friends besides me especially my sis and able to have talents such as dancing, painting and sketching. I will be forever grateful for everyone who helped when I am down to the ground🥺. I am not perfect but I am still trying.

Wilhelmine Y.
For my family and my friends. They have been the pillar that I lean on. They helped me come out from the water I nearly drowned myself in. I am also grateful to them because I know that they have my back anytime anyway.

Kirk O.
I find that practice makes perfect in terms of thinking of stuff and if I'm really stuck I just try to think of who I'm thankful for as opposed to what

Ann O.
The weather, sunshine, snow, even rain some times. A kind word from a teenager, friends old, new and rediscovered. Baking, feeling what ever I feel, family .

J Ssica R.
Being alive, have food, a job specially now days where a lot of people don't.
My family, my friends, for being aware that I need to improve myself….

Sarah F.
There is always something to be grateful for, i’m not sure on anyone else’s circumstance, but the “small stuff” I am grateful for are having a home, having available clean water whenever I need it, having heat/air, having a car for transportation, having electronics/electricity, being able to wake up, being able to live in such an advanced time that freely talks about mental health… i could go on and on. You need to look at what you take for granted in life that others around the world might not always have like me or you.

Stello G.
My cat is a pretty solid response. Failing that, food or sometimes I'm even grateful for the thought that I might do X thing that I want to do

Jesse C.
Well i am grateful to every system in my body for keeping up with my bad habits. Also grateful for having the room i want having the clothes i want and yeah

Elisa C.
I am grateful to myself for my poetry and prose, as well as for my daily fresh coffee, glitter on my face and for my hedgehog

Shara P.
A roof over my head, a hot meal, clean water, comfortable need, my friends and family, my dogs, my control over my mind, my ability to change, my favorite sweater, my favorite snack, my safety, my phone, my car

Trac J.
This app! The opportunity to be grateful! Peace, rest, relaxation! The fact that I can search my mind and my life for things to be grateful for, what a Blessing that is in itself.

Lea P.
Well, I would think of how lucky am that I am able to see,to walk,that I have shoes while some people are walking on their feet. How blessed I am to have hands and to be able to speak. How blessed I am to go to sleep with food in my stomach whereas other people have nothing at all.

Ilona E.
Maybe start with what you do- you can read (education), you have a cellphone that can handle the app. You have connection/ data. Your health is good enough to take the phone, read and grasp the words. Are you in a house? Do you have more than 2 sets of clothes? Family, friends, food, work/income… is the sun shining? Are there some flowers that you can see? Can you do a walk outside?

Rachel W.
For waking up every morning, having a job, having money in my account, having food on my table, having a roof over my head and having my family

Bianca Z.
small stuff i’m grateful for is the water i drank and just took a shower with, a roof over my head but most importantly my mom for bringing me into this world.. i wouldn’t be able to experience life if it wasn’t for her and my pops.

Daniel M.
Clean clothes, a warm bed, clean water, food in the fridge, a place to live, my health, I can read, a cell phone to use, a car to drive, warm showers, a good job, money in my account.

Jessi N.
I usually think about the things I have around me. For example, being grateful for the clothes I have in my closet. It’s something I always have access to. Also, it belongs to me so it’s even more special. Another good example is transportation. Maybe I don’t have a car, but I am grateful I have public transportation around me that I can rely on. Always try to see the good part out of everything. I hope this helps and was easy to understand.

Alazar R.
Its not small staff but that seems small staff.
When ever things not work out as i expected or tired of things…i love to rest and do breathings. Then i feel how perfect is the breath i am taking and start to think the mechanism and creativity that layes beyond my understanding that is extremely genius and yet for free.

Adonilo C.
Sometimes just the fact that I can get out of bed in the morning and follow a routine is something to be grateful for. You can thank your body for keeping you healthy and strong. Also knowing you are loved by your friends and family is definitely something to be grateful for, even if you don’t get to see them that often.

Eme N.
Every little thing I’m grateful for. I blessed beyond measure. I list things like my cat, home, job, skills, cat, cute bike, town, ipad, intellect, my curiosity, family, etc.

Kayla Y.
I can always be grateful for being alive, having clothes to wear and a warm dry home to live and sleep in, having people who love me, family, friends and acquaintances I may have lost contact with, but who will pick up the phone if I call. I can always be grateful for the sunrise and the new day and for the sweet embrace of sleep at the end of my day, no matter how hard it has been

Anita Y.
I love eating, so every day I can be gratuful for a delicious dish I ate. I am also always grateful for spending time with my husband, family, cats and friends. As a European woman I am also grateful for the opportunity to decide what to study, what to work, with whom to live and what to do in my free time. Being safe and healty are also some factors to consider. 🙂

Andrej X.
My breath (breath is life), the ability to move my body, and the ability to use my mind freely. I choose to be in the moment which is actually perfect. There is nothing actually wrong.

Abbie Y.
my hands, my breath, the feet i walk on! just look around the room at stuff and be grateful for it, look in the mirror and be grateful because you are you and just for that it’s all the reason to be grateful.

Emma N.
warm water, fresh air, fragrant smells – essential oils, a tidy environment, soft clothes or blankets, walks in nature, wholesome meals full of nutrition, treats like a doughnut or a home made cookie… when you start to look, you’ll start to find 100s of small things to be thankful of 🙂

Husana N.
My bed because its always there for me at my best snd my worst. I feel safe under my blanket and its here i experience all of my dreams

Jo O P.
I usually think about the privellege of an empty mind, like some close people of mine usually live with their heads full, sometimes I'm just thankful to enjoy it

Aeryn E.
I am always greatful for having my life partner. I am greatful about my mom. I am greatful that i have frnds. I am greatful because I am loved.