When it’s time to be greatful, do you think about things you don’t like, too? (I hope my english is right)

Izzy N.
Yes. I woke up one day and my kids had a mess all over the living room. I was about to get mad and make them clean it but instead I thought about being grateful I have a mess to clean up. My kids are getting older and pretty soon I won’t have a mess to clean. I’m grateful for my family. My messy family

Ashley W.
Yea def because when I think of what I’m grateful for I go through my whole day, and that sparks up memories of things that didn’t go well of made me angry. But just putting down what I’m grateful for makes me 100% more grateful and serene so I don’t really get upset about those parts

Mary W.
Yes, things we don't like happen in our life too, so I'm thankful for dealing with them and I realise that they have contributed to my mental maturity and made me who I am today

Eduardo O.
No, i dont think about things i dont like when it is time to be greatful. I focus on good vibes only. If i focus on positive things they will come in my life immediatelly.

Jordan N.
I only focus on the things that I am thankful for. Walking to get coffee with my wife. Playing at the park with my daughter. Finishing a project for work. Watching the Portland Trailblazers win a basketball game. Things like that.

Nat O F.
Hello! I do sometimes have to think about things I don’t like but I still have to be great full! These things are like…sometimes when my brother annoys me, I still have to be great full that I have him here; and sometimes I get tired of education and school but I’m very great full that I can learn at school and meet lots of new people! Your English is very good by the way! ❤️

Alex S.
I do! Its hard to not be negative. But I try to find something good about whatever that is I'm thinking about. Like due to covid I was unemployed for 3 months but in that time I've read SO many books and learned new hobbies that make me really happy. 🙂