What makes you stay grateful even when your day has not gone well?

Mirka B.
little things, there's always have to be something. for example that my loved ones are healthy, that i was able to get up from bed or simply just for being alive
Taylor E.
Thinking about my amazing, supportive family, about my friends who are always there for me. Also realizing how far I've come in this journey to live a better and healthier life and all the progress I've made so far.
Florence A.
I just remember everyone and everything I’m grateful for and how much worse my life could be. I could be going hungry or not have a roof over my head. Even little things that don’t seem like a big deal are huge when you consider that it can be taken or go away.
David N.
I try to not overthink things anymore. I used to always think that if I’d be grateful for something, it would have to be really specially or memorable. Instead, even if I have a bad day, I’m trying to stay positive and think of those small things we tend to omit. “I had a bad day? My friend was there to listen to my ranting. I’m grateful we have such a great relationship.” This type of thinking will always allow you to find something to be grateful for, keep on trying !