How to be grateful still when you did not accomplished any task?

L Ia P.
I will feel grateful even if I do not accomplish all of my tasks because in the past it never even mattered to me if I’d do certain routines in a day. So in a way, it’s nice that you may feel a little disappointed because the fact you care shows the growth in itself, even amongst a day you could consider a “failure” otherwise. I want to strive for consistency and commitment, not perfection.
Ellen F.
If you didn't accomplish any tasks, chances are you've had a rough day. Find the small things that you DID do. You got out of bed, you got dressed, you made breakfast. Sometimes, those things are enough.
Maria O.
To remember that we’re human. Plus, that if we couldn’t do it because of depression, no free time or any other reason that it’s okay and we shouldn’t strive for perfection but rather consistency.
Amanda E.
You don’t always have to be productive to be grateful. You aren’t going to achieve something every single day. However, there is so much to be grateful for everyday. And once you find those things, you start to feel a sense of achievement. Finding the good in the bad is an achievement itself.
Rafael I.
Gratitude is what gets us through those frustrating days, because there is always something good. It might be as simple as being grateful you have enough to eat, or you saw someone be kind to someone else. Reminding ourselves of these small good things can help us get up the next day and try again.
Anna Lisa N.
Just be grateful for all that you have in your life, where you live, for your job, your friend(s), family and the bed that you sleep in. Be greatful for what you actually did! If you were browsing the internet be grateful for the fact you own an instrument to do so, be grateful that you have an internet connection and be grateful that you can afford both and at last that you have enough to buy Fabulous🙏🏼, have eyes that see and can ask this question ❣️Love your life and its gifts to you and stop focusing on what you don’t have. I am greatful for getting the oppurtunity to see and answer your question🙏🏼I say it is always a blessing to be able to help❤️Best wishes🍀
Sezin X.
You should change your view of an accomplishment. Sometimes, waking up is an accomplishment, sometimes it’s remembering to take a deep breath. Sometimes it’s being able to let go, give yourself a day to not accomplish anything and not stress about it. To me, just the act of downloading this app was a great accomplishment. Because I managed to do something solely for me (which I don’t do) and it showed that I believe in myself (again, something usually problematic). I advise you to re-evaluate your goals.
Alexandra T.
We can always be grateful for the easy things… our homes, our relationships, our meals and technology and conveniences. Clean air to breathe. There is so much to be grateful for, we just sometimes have to pull our mind out of our own small psychological drama and focus on the bigger picture.