How do you choose what you are grateful for each day?

Miguel S.
I tend to choose something that made my day special. Sometimes there’s just something on top of my mind, other times I go through my day and find something to be grateful for. 🙏

Shannon C.
I choose 5 things everyday. Big, like my family, or little, like the sun is shining. I include both big and small so that I can always be grateful for something.

Andy J.
I’m grateful for everything I have and find that little things are pretty big. Like I have a roof over me, water home, great friends and family and if I have done something special one day I’m grateful of the opportunity.

Crystal U.
If you have lots of things to choose from write them all down, on the days where you feel like all there is to be grateful for is your life and your health, thank your body, your organs, be thankful for another chance at life. I learnt there's always more than you realise like white privilege of you have it , or if not the richness you have in your culture whatever that might be.