What are some things you’re grateful for that are easily taken for granted?

Alisha A.
The people and things that I love dearly and have been in my life for a large amount of time. Like my cat who just recently was killed.. it's hard to accept the loss and even though I made sure to show him my appreciation, I still feel I didn't appreciate him enough and now, I'll never be able to.. so cherish and show gratitude to those you've had in your life.. you never know when that will change…
Zachary N.
A home, the food In my fridge, the money in my bank, the masks in my closet and the tp in my bathroom. My family, my support network, the love of my loved ones. There is so much to be great full for
Keith F.
Breathing. Breathing is an essential, it's one of the main factors that keep us living. If you consider that then suddenly you realize how grateful you are for your first waking breath, the deep breath after your workout, and even the sigh of frustration at work. Breathing is a source of gratitude so breathing should be given gratitude.
Leila Q.
A walk around the neighborhood, seeing some trees and nature, though not much but very refreshing. Grateful for the beautiful summer, my parents and the fact that I made it thru COVID so far 😅
Aranwen I.
It sounds cliche, but things like sunlight, clean air, clean water. The beauty of light through leaves and the way different colours and textures exist. The inherent splendours, I suppose. It’s easy to be grateful for emergent beauty, like the pleasure of company with loved ones or the rush of excitement on a rollercoaster, but the things that already exist in this world, without needing anything additional to be enjoyed, that’s easy to forget.
Jan Z.
Being able to walk over a mile eventhough my knees give me trouble sometimes. Some people cannot walk at all not even a few steps. I am grateful.
Clarissa J.
I used to take my husband for granted. I didn't know what I had with him until it was almost too late and I almost lost him. Now I try to make sure he knows how much I love him and appreciate him for everything he has done and still does for me every day.
Rachel G.
I am very greateful for the family I've been born into, for the community I'm part of, for the school that I am lucky to attend. These are things that are often taken for granted, but I know that I am extremely priviledged to have these things.