Do you find more benefit or have a preference in focusing on gratitude first thing in the morning, or as the day ends. Do you have a reason for this?

Noemie Y.
I feel its better for you to do it when the day ends because that's really the perfect moment to reflect on what has happened. Opposed to when you do it in the morning nothing much has happened apart from you sleeping.
David I.
Yeh , I have a bit of a preference to focus on gratitude at the end of the day because at the start of it I feel a bit overwhelmed and when I'm focusing on gratitude before bed it make me feel a little bit better . Alsl I'm focusing on things I'm greatfull today but I really want to be thankfull for things that happened in the past as well .
Reham Z.
When i wake up i been thinking in good things to be all the day happy and positive and in eveing feeling relaxing when i watch sun down
Susan Z.
I focus on gratitude towards the end of each day. I think through my day and am grateful for what I have seen. The people I have spent time with. The things I may have done or achieved. The beauty I have experienced.
Vieve F.
Morning, helps me to set the intention of gratitude for the dy and remember to be greatful at the end of the day, both are helpful and for different reasons, ideally i would like to practice gratitude at the begining and end of my day, between as well even better! I like expressing gratitude in multiple ways as well, out loud, written, in meditaion, out loud to those i am greatful for, hreatful for difficulty that has brought learning, being greatful in manyways helps me to be the best version of myself and constantly changing
Am Lia T.
Being grateful in the morning helps me set out on a good foot for the rest of the day. I tend to also think of the things I’m grateful for when I drift off to sleep, but it’s not a part of my routine and really more of my meditation exercise when I end my day.
Najee O.
I like to do it throughout the day. Here is a way that automatically does it for you Thier is a attitude of gratitude track which helps in the law of attraction